When it comes to your kitchen design, you want anything but cookie-cutter. Even if you love neutral colors and classic choices, it’s still the dream to have a kitchen that’s all your own. 

With N-Hance, you don’t have to spend top dollar for a custom kitchen. We’re experts at refinishing kitchen cabinets in a way that not only gives you more bang for your buck but also opens up countless possibilities for color and style. 

These examples prove that the sky’s the limit for your cabinet color—which is the most impactful element of any kitchen design. 

Natural Wood Cabinet Colors

The enhanced beauty of natural wood grain is at the top of many remodeling wishlists. If you love your cabinet color and although they’re outdated, you fear making any changes due to not being able to find the perfect match, N-Hance can help. 

We can come to your home and, on the spot, blend a custom cabinet finish to perfectly match your existing cabinets. There’s no need to sacrifice refreshing your cabinets or maintaining your existing stain color with N-Hance. They’ll look as good as new with a natural cabinet stain that’s literally irreplaceable and custom made for you.

See N-Hance Classic Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet Stain Colors

If you’re looking for a more dramatic shift in your cabinet color but still wish to preserve the natural wood grain, a cabinet color change from N-Hance delivers everything you want and need. 

We have hundreds of cabinet stain colors for you to choose from, or we can custom blend one for you to make your inspiration photo a reality in your home. Everything from cool, ashy stains to deep cherry stains and everything in between is possible with N-Hance.

See N-Hance Cabinet Color Change Stains

Custom Color Finish Colors

If you love the look of a painted cabinet, N-Hance has exactly what you’re looking for. We can custom blend any cabinet color for you—from classic white to a bold blue, green, red, or any combination in between.

A full rainbow of color is available to you with N-Hance cabinet painting. Not sure which color will look best in your space? Our design team can walk you through the process and help you select a palette that will compliment your space and make you smile every time you step foot in your kitchen. 

See N-Hance Cabinet Painting Colors

Cabinet Refinishing In Sioux Falls, South Dakota

A little bit of color goes a long way with help from N-Hance. Our team can help select a cabinet color that’s as unique as you are.

See our photo gallery for more cabinet color inspiration!