Our team not only offers the industry’s best service for cabinet refinishing but so much more. 

We can also help improve the usefulness and function of your cabinets and drawers by adding organization solutions as part of the process! 

We proudly provide an array of storage solutions that can transform cluttered cabinets into smart systems that make your daily life easier. 

Maximizing your cabinets is an excellent way to improve the flow of your kitchen and help it reach its full potential! Here are a few examples of storage solutions we can install during cabinet refinishing in Sioux Falls

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions

  • Pull-out trash drawers to conceal trash cans.
  • We can also install a recycling center inside to help keep items separated and also hidden. 
  • Aside from garbage cans, pull-out drawers can also be used to conceal and organize a variety of everyday items that you need to be able to grab quickly but don’t necessarily want to see on your countertop. 
  • We can also install base utility pull-outs to reduce countertop clutter and hold tools like knives and utensils. 
  • We offer various solutions for under-sink organization. Some fan favorites are extendable wire baskets, mats, and more. 
  • Pull-out tray dividers easily separate cutting boards, bakeware, and similar items. 
  • We can custom-fit and trim drawer organizers for your specific dimensions. These are great for holding anything and everything.
  • We can create an entire beverage drawer with layered components for coffee and tea pods, bags, spoons, and more.
  • Turn your spice drawer from messy to functional with trim-to-fit inserts. 

Cabinet Refinishing In Sioux Falls

Our team is ready to serve you with storage solutions custom fit for your cabinets and tailored to your needs.

Contact N-Hance to get started on your cabinet refinishing project in Sioux Falls!