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Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets with N-Hance

N-Hance of Southeast Nebraska is renowned for its exceptional kitchen cabinet refinishing services. However, our revolutionary method extends beyond cabinets and can be applied to a wide range of wood surfaces in your home. With N-Hance, you can transform not only your cabinets but also various other wood surfaces. Our versatile process is suitable for […]

The Difference Between Cabinet Refinishing, Painting, and Refacing

N-Hance of Southeast Nebraska provides a range of cabinet refinishing options to enhance your living space, all at an affordable cost. You can achieve stunning results without having to spend a fortune on new cabinets. Unsure which service would suit you best? Allow us to guide you through the cabinet refacing, refinishing, or painting options, […]

4 Tips For Successful Cabinet Refacing

N-Hance of Southeast Nebraska can assist you in updating your kitchen without breaking the bank. Rather than a full renovation, our innovative cabinet door replacement technique in Lincoln, NE can give your cabinets and kitchen a completely new appearance. Cabinet refacing involves replacing outdated cabinet doors and drawer fronts with contemporary options of your choosing. […]

Options For Light Or Dark Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinets are the centerpiece of any kitchen design, making it crucial to choose the right color when refinishing them in Omaha, NE. N-Hance of Southeast Nebraska specializes in creating your dream kitchen while keeping the cost within your budget. Our services, including cabinet painting in Omaha, are designed to provide you with the kitchen […]

Should You Get White Cabinets?

White cabinets have gained significant popularity among homeowners as a design element for a variety of interior spaces, particularly in kitchens. However, it is essential to consider the specific characteristics that make this shade distinctive and determine if it aligns with the desired aesthetic for a given space. Ultimately, the decision to incorporate white cabinets […]

Cabinet Painting: The Perfect Holiday Gift from N-Hance

Are you tired of looking at the same old kitchen cabinets every day? Are you ready for a change, but don’t want to spend the time and money on a full kitchen remodel? If so, cabinet painting with N-Hance of Southeast Nebraska might be the perfect solution for you, and there’s no better time to […]

Professional Tips For Styling Newly-Painted Cabinets

There are lots of people these days choosing cabinet painting in Omaha, NE. This trend isn’t outdated. No, it’s very trendy right now (but not just trendy … timeless). When you get a cabinet painting in Omaha, NE, you can enjoy the look of brand new cabinets for less. What’s the hold up? Now is […]

The Benefit to Hardwood Floor Refinishing

One of the most beautiful parts of a home is the hardwood floor (if you have one). This article will attempt to show you why choosing to refinish your hardwood floors in Omaha, NE is an incredibly beneficial choice. If you discover hardwood floors under a bad carpet or linoleum job, don’t just tear them […]

How A Kitchen Remodel Can Boost The Value Of Your Home

The kitchen. 80% of potential home buyers have the kitchen at the top of their priority list when it comes to deciding on a home. The implication is clear: your kitchen significantly impacts the value of your home. If you’re wanting to get your cabinet refinishing in Emerald, Nebraska done Let’s break down some of […]

How Much Does It Cost to Refinish Cabinets?

Want to refinish your cabinets in Emerald, NE? Refinishing is an easy and affordable way to upgrade the look of your kitchen while restoring beauty back into your hardwood cabinets. However, before you get started, you’re likely wondering about the cost. Here’s a look at what goes into refinishing cabinets.   A Guide to the Costs […]

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