Tips For Choosing The Right Color

Your bedroom just may be the perfect area for relaxing, and whether you spend your time watching TV or curling up with your favorite book, the bedroom can be an area that is decorated to suit your tastes. Deciding how to settle on the most appropriate colors for the bedroom is usually a daunting task, looking at the typical wallpaper or paint samples in stores is not the answer. Before choosing a color for your bedroom, take into consideration the following tips. With some thought and a few helpful suggestions, you should be able to select the exact colors that will turn your bedroom into a personal sanctuary for some peaceful, tranquil moments.

Convey a Certain Mood

It’s wise to never choose your bedroom color based on aesthetics alone. You might end up regretting the color choice later. It’s important to consider the ambiance a color exudes before investing time and money on a wallpaper or paint. Color can set the mood, and in your bedroom the choosing the perfect color is an important factor to consider.

Cool colors like blue, green and lavender generally create a peaceful, calmer ambiance, and are a great choice for the bedroom. Select lighter shades for a more relaxing effect.

Invigorating and inviting, red is a potential color for a bedroom. Vibrant red walls create an intimate feel and might be the right choice when wanting to set a romantic mood in the bedroom.

Pick out a cooler shade of yellow if you want to wake up feeling revitalized and ready to begin your day. To make your bedroom seem more open, airy and light, choose a softer tone of yellow.

Do You Want to Change the Look of the Space

It’s important to understand the colors you choose not only affect the mood of a room, but also the way in which the eye perceives the space. Is the bedroom that you are redecorating a bit on the smaller side? Choose a wallpaper or paint in a cooler, lighter hue. Painting the walls in the similar lighter shaded colors is a common technique used to add height to your ceilings. It’s possible to make your bedroom look more open and spacious and give it a calming feel, by choosing the right colors to use when repainting.

Are your ceilings too high? want to create the opposite effect? Choosing deeper colors can help create the effect of bringing the ceiling down from a visual perspective. Darker colors can make the bedroom feel cozier and more easily hide defects in texture on the walls.

Choose a Color You Already Like

If choosing a color to redecorate your bedroom is still confusing you, take a look around the room and find an accent shade that matches the bedding, curtains or flooring. Rooms are generally accessorized according to the color of the walls, and unless you plan on changing everything from top to bottom, use our existing options. Do it right and the room will have an entirely new look without spending a too much money.

color palette

Making the Best Selection

To make sure you choose the correct paint or wall covering, buy a small sample can or a single roll of wallpaper first, just to get a sense of what it may look like before investing too heavily. You can cover a piece of cardboard and view the larger sample in different parts of the room and at different times of day as the natural light changes. This will give you a better idea of how the bedroom will look and feel once complete, and you will likely end up with a color that suits your tastes and creates the mood you are trying to set with your newly redecorated room.

Do you have built-ins or visible bathroom cabinets in your bedroom? Let us help you choose the right color to refinish those wooden features. Our wood renewal service will help create a look that will complement your aesthetics and create an amazing look that will last or years to come.