Ideas To Make An Impact

When putting your house up for sale, you’ll want it to sell fast and at a high price. Any interior designer in Seattle, San Francisco, or any other “Best City To Live”…like Boise, would stress one thing – you have no control over who views your home, but you can have an effect on how they feel when they see your house and how much they are willing to pay for it. Here are a few tips that will help influence your buyers opinions of how this home can work for them:

Beautifully staged kitchen


The colors on your walls will instantly convey certain feelings to potential buyers when they enter your rooms. The best colors to attract them will be neutral, muted shades which will be gentle on their eyes and allow them to picture adding their own colors later. Stronger colors that you have chosen because of your own tastes, ie, red, grey or pastels, are worth painting over. Be careful when choosing white as a color for your new coat of paint – it can sometimes convey a sterile look. Instead, opt for an off-white color which is warmer to look at.


Rooms that are cluttered are very unappealing to buyers. In contrast, a room which has minimal furnishings appeals larger and allows people to imagine adding their own belongings to the room. Declutter by either selling items you may no longer want or placing them in storage until you move to your new home. Neatly appointed accessories can still provide appeal and inspiration to potential buyers…so keep that in mind.

Repairs and Updates

Look around your home and see what repairs you can do to improve its overall look. Perhaps a worn carpet is worth replacing as it makes the whole room look run down too. Or you might want to touch up the scratches on your bedroom doors or refinish the cabinets in your kitchen. Spending money on these things high impact areas will help it look much better and may even increase how much a person is willing to pay because of the newer features. It will also make your house appear well cared for which a buyer will be attracted to.

Tricks to Help

Understanding a buyer’s psychology will help you know where to focus your interior design efforts. The entrance is the first place they see, so you’ll want to pay some attention to this space to help create a good first impression. Some people are very particular about their kitchen and bathroom spaces, so make these areas look clean and
inviting. Also, add props such as flowers and plants to brighten up a room where needed and remove personal photos so that spaces don’t appear like they belong to someone else.

Get help if you can

If your budget permits, hire an interior designer or stager who will give you tips and advice about what your particular home needs to become more attractive to buyers. Paying for professional advice could be an investment that pays dividends and helps your home sell faster and for a better price.

Want some help with that work in the kitchen or bathrooms? N-Hance Boise is here to consult you on all the cabinet refinishing and wood renewal you need. Just give us a call.