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    Hardwood floors in good condition fall into this category. Typically, only a cleaning and a fresh application of finish are necessary to make them look their best.

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    Floors that need slight touch-ups would be in this category. They may have minor scratches and wear, small areas of missing finish, and other minor flaws. Visible wear patterns and light scratches may be present. There may be minor sun and water damage or slight separations between the floor boards. You have a choice; a cleaning and fresh application of finish will get this floor looking slightly
    better but a full sand and refinish is recommended.

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    Hardwood floors that have had holes from carpet removal, also known as tack strip holes, fall in this category. They may have color loss and sun fading, gouges and minor cupping. They may have missing or failing finish. A full sand and refinish is the only option here.

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    The floors in this section are extremely damaged. There may be wood pieces coming up, large gaps between boards, loose planks and large holes. Severe water damage or pet stains and deep scratches may also be present. The raw wood is frequently exposed. Replacing this floor is your best option in this scenario.

Other information about your floors to consider discussing with your N-Hance service provider include:

  • The size and age of your hardwood floors.
  • Take note of its type: is it engineered wood or solid hardwood?
  • The location of the room(s) with floors to be refinished.
  • Are there pets in the home?

By letting us know the condition of your floor, we’ll be prepared to inform you of the best service to meet your needs. Give us a call at 208-392-1717 for a N-Hance specialist near you.

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