Don’t let that title scare you, we know that your kitchen is full of expensive materials and appliances that you won’t want to replace too often. It’s not our intention to have your kitchen feeling outdated in a couple of years, the good news is these design ideas have a lasting appeal that will carry over from season to season for years to come.

Walls For Storage

While this trend has been rising over the last few years, we think it will become a more prominent fixture in 2019. While somewhat large in stature this highly functional space will always be in style. This design trend hides many advantages, from food and appliance storage, to blending one space into the kitchen. Open space in this area can sometimes look chaotic, while this wall of beautifully refaced cabinets is more of a design element that seamlessly connects the kitchen to the dining area. If you’re looking for more storage space and want to make a bold statement in the kitchen, this may be the idea for you.

Cutout Or Inset Handles

We have talked before about cabinet hardware and how it can help change the look of your kitchen. Bringing a new design element in with hinges and drawer pulls will always be popular for designers, but the streamlined look of cutout handles is something we are seeing more and more of. It’s a simple idea that looks clean and eliminates the problem of loose knobs and drawer pulls. This look comes a more of at cost since these types of cabinets are typically custom made. But don’t they look amazing?

Pairing Dark Cabinets With Dark Countertops

Dark countertops aren’t something new, and have been wildly popular since the early days of Corian and the late 90’s. But traditionally they were paired with light wood varieties or white cabinets. Lately we have been doing a lot cabinet refinishing in darker colors, like grays and shades of blue, that pair really well with the darker matte finished countertops. This design trend blends the two elements together and can really draw the eye to certain features in a kitchen. The color options are endless when it comes to darker shades, and this can create a bold look you shouldn’t be afraid to try.

Stand Alone Islands

Nothing new here, these types of footed freestanding islands have been around for a hundred years but are ready to make a comeback. This is a classic look that is reemerging in many modern homes across the Treasure Valley and serves as a design focus in the kitchen. You can find beautiful antique examples or go with something more custom, either way this look will never tire and can make a kitchen feel more open and inviting. We would caution against going with something too ornate here, a simple design often provides the most appeal.

Prominent Hoods

The use of beautiful appliances to make a statement in the kitchen is nothing new and has traditionally been the role of stoves and refrigerators. Over the past few years the vent hood has stepped up to the line saying, “Hey look at me!” Most of the time builders and designers have gone out of their way to hide this kitchen safety necessity behind unused or inefficient cabinet space, but that is changing. From a color matched hood that looks right at home above the ceramic coated stove, to a sleek stainless-steel vent hood over an island stove, the options are growing and so is this trend.

The modern kitchen is a centerpiece of any home and there will always be a plethora of design trends to help create a specific look in that space. From basic cabinet refinishing and design, to the more extreme custom features, the options will never end. We hope these ideas will spark some inspiration and help you update the look of your kitchen.