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Cabinet Refinishing And Other Ideas For Your Kitchen Remodel

N-Hance of South Salt Lake & Utah County can make your kitchen renovation a slam dunk.  We specialize in upgrading kitchens with industry-leading services such as cabinet refinishing in Draper, UT. With cabinet refinishing, your kitchen can look entirely new without breaking the bank.  N-Hance actually offers a variety of services that can work with […]

2022 Cabinet Trends For Less With Refacing

We are so excited to announce this year’s favorite cabinet colors! As the industry leader for cabinet refacing in Sandy, Utah N-Hance of South Salt Lake & Utah County specializes in making beautiful kitchens for less.  We can help you save thousands of dollars for your remodeling budget by refacing your current cabinets instead of […]

How N-Hance Wood Refinishing Works In 3 Simple Steps

Looking for an affordable way to restore beauty and increase value in your South Salt Lake home?  Wood refinishing with N-Hance is a great way to upgrade your space.  Many homeowners are taking advantage of this service throughout the South Salt Lake & Utah County communities. What is it about the N-Hance wood refinishing process […]

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing For The Holiday Season

One of the best parts of the holiday season is spending time with loved ones and making memories together.  N-Hance can give the gift of a beautiful kitchen this holiday season with cabinet refinishing in South Salt Lake.  Create a space that will last for decades and help shape future memories with your loved ones. […]

How A Kitchen Remodel Can Boost The Value Of Your Home

80% of potential buyers put the kitchen at the top of their list when it comes to what they are wanting in a new home.  Because of this the kitchen significantly impacts a home’s value.  Here is a quick breakdown of the numbers: How Much Does A Kitchen Remodel Cost On Average?  One of the […]

Our Top 3 Cabinet Refinishing And Other Budget-Friendly Restoration Tips

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and makes an impression on each person that enters it.  As a homeowner you want to make sure your space meets your needs, but is also modern and fresh.The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms to remodel, and with N-Hance your remodeling dollars can be […]

Choosing A Bold Or Subtle Kitchen Cabinet Update

When you are remodeling your kitchen there are seemingly endless possibilities for changes you could make.  If you are just starting your remodeling journey you have likely thought about making a bold, big change or considered something more small and subtle.   You may want to refresh your existing kitchen cabinets or transform them entirely with […]

Our Cabinet Painting Method Compared To Others

Your kitchen cabinets can take a beating over years of use. If the cabinets in your home are starting to look chipped, worn, are peeling, or just looking outdated and could clearly use a refresher, then consider updating them with N-Hance of South Salt Lake City & Utah County. Finding room in your budget for […]

Christmas Trees and Rocksalt

A great article in Parade about protecting your wood floors from both water from Christmas trees and rock salt. Dave Murphy, from N-Hance, explains how you should put mats and plastic under your tree, and you should avoid overfilling the container. With rock salt it is important to keep your floors clean so the rock […]

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