cabinet refacing riverton

If you’re considering giving your kitchen a facelift, look no further than cabinet refacing with N-hance of South Salt Lake & Utah County. A relatively simple and cost-effective solution, cabinet refacing allows you to revitalize your existing cabinets without the time and expense of completely replacing them. In this blog post, we’ll look at what cabinet refacing is, how it works, and all the benefits it has to offer.

Start Your Cabinet Refacing Journey: Take the First Step with N-Hance

With N-Hance, our team of experts will ensure that you find the perfect cabinet refacing solution to match your personal aesthetic and home’s specific features. We have a variety of customization options available for an individualized experience – explore all the possibilities with us today!

Door Styles

With our expansive selection of door styles, from Shaker to beadboard and flat front, you’ll find the perfect combination for your unique vision. Our traditional or contemporary options can be customized with panels, edges stiles, and rails so that both form and function meet your budget requirements.

Cabinet Colors and Finishes

With N-Hance, you can create a truly personalized kitchen. From 12 vibrant paint colors and 12 stains to choose from – as well as the option for us to match any sample provided – our selection is sure to have something that will complement your vision perfectly! Our team of experts are on hand at every step of the process; not only helping you find exactly what combination best suits your desires, but also offering additional customization with options such as special finishes and crown molding additions.

Wood Styles

Your kitchen’s transformation begins with the perfect wood selection. N-Hance offers a wide range of woods that offer different densities, grains, and shades to suit any style – from dramatic dark tones for an elegant look to light hues for something brighter. Choose wisely; your decision will set the stage for all other design elements!

How N-Hance Refaces Kitchen Cabinets

Let us take the hassle out of your kitchen refacing project. Our expert team will provide you with a comprehensive service, starting by professionally masking and draping to protect your home from potential paint or stain splatter. All that’s required for you is clearing out your cabinets – we’ll handle the rest!

N-Hance’s exclusive cleaning solution is designed to tackle the most stubborn kitchen dirt and grime. We’ll not only clean your cabinet boxes but also restore any surface damage like scratches or dents, so you can enjoy a perfect finish for priming and coloring.

We will give your cabinets the highest quality finish with our Lightspeed® Nano system! Our state-of-the-art UV technology cures prepped and primed surfaces in seconds, resulting in a beautiful, factory look that is highly durable. Enjoy less downtime during renovation – trust us to deliver an industry-leading finish for lasting beauty.

We’ll finish off the project in your home by carefully installing all doors and drawer fronts, as well as any new hardware for a complete look. With that done, our team will give you an exclusive tour of the final product to guarantee full satisfaction with it!

Get Ready for an Exciting Change

Revamp your kitchen with a wallet-friendly solution – cabinet refacing! This cost-effective choice is much more affordable than a full replacement and quicker too. Not to mention, you can still enjoy the richness of hardwood frames while cutting down on expenses. Transform your space without breaking the bank today!

N-Hance of South Salt Lake & Utah County is your one-stop shop for creating the kitchen of your dreams. Our cabinet refacing services will help you unlock a world of possibilities; just give us a call at 801-406-1114 to schedule an obligation-free consultation and get started!