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Do your kitchen cabinets appear worn out, old-fashioned, or marred? Have you attempted to paint them on your own, only to be dissatisfied with the outcome? Regardless of the cause, N-Hance® is here to assist you in repainting your kitchen cabinets. We can revitalize drab, tired, or unattractive cabinets into a rejuvenated and trendy appearance that you will adore. We can even rectify errors made during DIY paint projects, such as visible brush strokes, drips, and other flaws.

A few prevalent problems that homeowners often request our assistance for are:

Problem #1: Leaving the Doors On

It might have seemed more practical to paint your cabinets while the doors remained attached, yet this approach can yield a disordered and flawed end product. Maneuvering around the hinges can be challenging, frequently causing untidy work. Furthermore, this technique can give rise to drip marks and various blemishes.

By choosing N-Hance, you can put aside concerns about these problems. We’ll detach the drawer fronts and cabinet doors, taking them to our workshop to guarantee a sleek, factory-like finish. This approach eradicates the possibility of hasty errors, providing you with a polished outcome without any fuss.

Problem #2: Not Taking Time to Adequately Prep

Thorough preparation is crucial for repainting kitchen cabinets; however, achieving this without professional expertise can be challenging. Inadequate preparation can impact the ultimate look and longevity of your cabinets, leading to rapid chipping and peeling post-painting. It may also accentuate scratches and other damages once the cabinets have been repainted.

N-Hance is dedicated to meticulous and correct preparation. We’ll cleanse your cabinets using a specialized solution tailored to eliminate grease, dirt, and accumulated residue. This results in a pristine surface for the new finish application. Additionally, we’ll fix any damaged sections and apply a primer to your cabinets, specifically designed for cabinet use. The paint we utilize will bond more effectively with the primed cabinets, warding off stains and seepage.

Problem #3: Applying a Thick Layer of Paint

While it might appear that applying a single, heavy coat of paint to your cabinets would expedite the process, it can actually render them more susceptible to scratches, peeling, chipping, and other imperfections. The optimal strategy involves applying several thin layers of paint, resulting in a robust surface that can endure everyday wear and tear.

N-Hance employs paint explicitly crafted for cabinet application. This paint can endure intensive usage and regular cleaning without compromising its stunning appearance. After selecting a color, our skilled artisans will adeptly apply it to your cabinets, delivering a uniform coat and a seamless, long-lasting finish.

Problem #4: Not Letting Cabinets Dry Long Enough

Undertaking kitchen cabinet repainting as a DIY project can be quite lengthy, necessitating wait times between each paint layer and prior to reinstalling components. The ultimate curing process may also require several weeks to achieve optimal outcomes. Hastening any of these stages could jeopardize your cabinets with smears, chips, and other indications of wear and tear.

At N-Hance, we employ a unique method known as Lightspeed® Nano to instantly cure your cabinets using UV light. Upon completing the repainting process, we apply a transparent topcoat and cure it in a matter of seconds. This reduced downtime leads to a more resilient and enduring finish.

Problem #5: The Wrong Color

Should you be dissatisfied with your cabinets’ existing color or find them outdated, N-Hance is here to assist. We provide an array of 12 well-liked and tried-and-tested colors for you to pick from. If you have a specific preference, feel free to bring in a color sample, and we’ll ensure a perfect match.

Repainting your kitchen cabinets, however, will not address any structural problems. For instance, if your cabinets are experiencing warping, painting will not rectify this issue. It might temporarily conceal the problem, but ultimately, cabinet replacement will be necessary. In such infrequent situations, it is generally more economical to set aside funds for a complete replacement, ensuring that you acquire visually appealing and long-lasting cabinets.

Should you have undertaken the task of repainting your kitchen cabinets independently and are unhappy with the final outcome, allow N-Hance of South Salt Lake & Utah County to produce the desired factory-like finish. We’ll provide you with stunning cabinets swiftly and at an affordable price. Contact 801-406-1114  to schedule a complimentary consultation.