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At N-Hance®, we pride ourselves on our game-changing innovation. Our exclusive Lightspeed® Nano UV system provides instant results for refinishing cabinets, transforming them into their stunningly beautiful best in no time flat! With superior performance that’s good enough to put a smile from ear to ear on the faces of all who see it, you can rest assured knowing there’s nothing like this revolutionary technology when your cabinetry needs an upgrade and makeover.

What is Lightspeed?

Light-curing technology has revolutionized the way products are made, from dental fillings to industrial parts on assembly lines and even components aboard the International Space Station. This innovative technology is transforming medical, manufacturing, and other professional industries across the world.

N-Hance proudly utilizes UV technology to provide our customers with a faster and superior finish on their cabinets. With Lightspeed, tedious processes that once took hours are now cured in seconds – showcasing the power of innovation!

Brighten any kitchen with Lightspeed’s cabinet finishes that offer the perfect combination of durability and affordability. Rock-hard, factory-fresh quality is now accessible for less – your dream look has never been easier to achieve!

How Does Lightspeed Work?

We’ve developed a revolutionary refinishing process that utilizes the Lightspeed system and its UV wavelengths. This approach is far superior to traditional cabinet curing processes, as our unique photoinitiators begin setting immediately upon light exposure – meaning faster results with no need for heat or thermal oxygen!

At N-Hance, we understand the inconvenience of home renovation projects. That’s why our kitchen cabinet refinishing process is designed to minimize disruption and get you back into your space in no time! Our innovative curing method gives a durable finish that will be ready for use as soon as we walk out the door so that normal life can resume without delay. Let us take away some of the stress with our efficient service – leaving more time for you and your family to enjoy together

Some of the other advantages of Lightspeed include:

A Rock-Hard Finish 

Lightspeed cured finishes provide an amazing combination of both beauty and durability to cabinets. You’ll notice the smooth, tight finish that’s resistant to stains, chips or even scuffs—ensuring your cabinet features a stunning appearance for years down the road!

Superior Performance in a Kitchen Environment

With N-Hance’s proprietary products, your kitchen is protected from the messiness of daily life – grease splatter and fingerprints are no match! Our Lightspeed system combined with our proven finishes guarantees that you won’t have to worry about oil stains or wear & tear in one of the busiest rooms in your home.

Easy-to-Clean Cabinets

Lightspeed clean-up and maintenance of your kitchen cabinets is easy with a simple damp cloth. For any build-up from cooking grease, add mild dish soap to water for up to one minute before wiping away the grime – leaving you with gleamingly pristine surfaces!

Less VOCS and More Family-Friendly

Traditional paint products and primers can emit harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the air, creating an inhospitable atmosphere for your family and pets while also damaging our environment.

N-Hance provides eco-friendly solutions for all of your cabinet refinishing needs. Our low VOC products ensure a healthy environment, while our Lightspeed system cures cabinets instantly and reduces any exposure to lingering Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Ready to Rethink Cabinet Refinishing with Lightspeed?

N-Hance can transform your cabinets into a stunning, durable centerpiece of any kitchen in days with the Lightspeed innovation. No long wait times or mess to deal with afterward; you’ll be ready for all kinds of family gatherings and entertaining right after we leave!

Transform your kitchen with Lightspeed’s cabinet refinishing! Our FREE consultations in South Salt Lake & Utah County can help you discover why our services are superior. Call now to set yours up – 801-406-1114.