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A kitchen remodel can feel like a huge project to take on, but when you see the finished product you will be so happy you did.  Sometimes the finishing touches in a space can be the ones to really tie the design together.  Thankfully, when you enlist the help of the experts at cabinet refinishing in Sandy, Utah, you can achieve the results you dream of without blowing your whole budget.

N-Hance will make sure you understand all of the products, materials, and styles that are available for your kitchen and provide you with samples so that you can visualize the end result.  To begin, here are a couple of our pro tips for selecting cabinets, flooring, countertops, and accents that blend cohesively together in your kitchen.

Follow These Steps To Coordinate Kitchen Design Elements 

It takes a lot of planning ahead of time to achieve a simple, flawless design.  The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, making it key to create a space that is neutral enough to transition throughout all months of the year but still reflects your personal style.  

It is often a smart move to pick simple options for cabinet refinishing, countertops, and flooring.  This can help you save time and money in the long run, and create a more flexible space.  You can always add more trendy elements in less permanent ways such as window treatments, rugs, furniture, and decorations.

#1 – Start with a color palette. 

You always want to start with the big picture for what you want your kitchen to look like.  Choose a color palette with one main color and two additional accent shades.  Say you choose white as your primary color, you may want to pair it with rich dark flooring and countertops with flecks of light gray.  Use neutrals as your primary, and if you want to include a more bold shade, use it as an accent color.

Once you have your three main colors in mind, collect different cabinet, flooring, and countertop samples to see which combination is your favorite.

#2 – Start with cabinets and countertops. 

The areas that will make the most impact in the kitchen are a great place to start.  Think about your cabinets and countertops.  Cabinet refinishing in Sandy, UT is the perfect way to save remodeling dollars.  Simply keep your existing cabinets intact and refresh them with a new color and finish.

When it comes to your countertops, pick a color and material that’s durable and fairly easy to maintain.  Having your countertops in place will help as you pursue other elements of design, like picking a backsplash that matches a fleck of color in your countertops.

#3 – Choose your flooring.

Typically, modern designs incorporate contrast between cabinets and flooring while more traditional designs tend to steer toward cabinets and floors that are more similar in color.  When making your decision, compare samples with your cabinets and countertops. 

#4 – Finish with accents, appliances, and accessories. 

Once the three core elements of your kitchen design are in place you can add your accents like cabinet hardware, kitchen appliances, wall colors, lighting, and backsplash.  Look for colors that compliment your core features and stay true to the palette you made in the beginning.

Cabinet Refinishing In Sandy, UT

There are so many things to consider when planning your kitchen renovation, and we know staying within a budget is key.  N-Hance can help deliver the stunning cabinets you dream of and help you save on overall costs as well as with our other refinishing options for every need and budget.

We can’t wait to help you create your dream kitchen!

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