Improving your kitchen with cabinet painting in Summerville is a great choice. Painting your cabinetry is not as simple as you may think though. In this guide, N-Hance of Charleston will break down the factors influencing the cost of painting kitchen cabinets, giving you a clearer picture for budgeting this home improvement project.

Cost Factors for Repainting Your Cabinetry

If you’re opting for a DIY approach, expect to spend a few hundred dollars on materials. Hiring a professional, on the other hand, may incur a higher cost, ranging from $394 to $1,254, according to Home Advisor estimates.

Location plays a significant role, with up to a 40% difference in costs between regions. This variation is due to differing material and labor costs, as well as elevated expenses in urban centers compared to suburban and rural areas. In major cities with high living costs, cabinet painting costs could potentially soar to $10,000. Cabinet refinishing is another option to restore your wooden cabinets to their original look. If your cabinetry is old and worn out, an expert wood refinishing service may be perfect for you

Additional factors can influence the overall cost of painting kitchen cabinets including:

Kitchen Size

One critical aspect is the number of cabinets in your kitchen. A small kitchen with a handful of cabinets will generally be more economical than a spacious kitchen with an abundance of cabinets. Professionals may charge per cabinet door or drawer, or per square foot. Naturally, the larger your kitchen and the more cabinets involved, the higher the cost.


The necessary supplies can also impact expenses, including primer and paint, drop cloths, brushes, rollers, tape, wood filler or putty, and potentially a sprayer if you’re tackling the task solo. The quality and cost of these materials can vary based on location. If you want to know an estimated cost for your location, search for “cabinet painting near me” to speak with an expert at N-Hance of Charleston.

Moreover, if your cabinets exhibit damages or imperfections necessitating additional time and effort for repairs, this can increase the final price.

Complexity of Your Cabinetry

The complexity of the project is another factor. Oversized cabinets, ornate details, crown molding, or cabinets in tight spaces can elevate the complexity, subsequently increasing costs. Don’t forget to allocate a budget for hardware, such as knobs, pulls, and soft-close drawer glides, which come in a range of options from budget-friendly to high-end custom selections. 

If you are ready to update your cabinetry, consider adding cabinet storage solutions at the same time. This can make it easier to find and store your home goods and ensures take advantage of cleaned out cabinetry that is easily accessible during your wood refinishing service.

Is Cabinet Painting a Good Investment?

As a homeowner, enhancing your property’s value is a priority. While painting your kitchen cabinets can accomplish this, ensuring a high-quality result is crucial, whether through professional assistance or meticulous DIY work. Opting for a neutral color can further boost your home’s value.

For those with dated hardwood cabinets, painting allows you to preserve the wood’s integrity while achieving a fresh, updated appearance. This is particularly advantageous for older cabinets, often crafted from superior materials.

Industry experts suggest that minor kitchen updates can yield an ROI of nearly 100%. Cabinet painting is one such update with a high return. Other cost-effective enhancements include upgrading appliances, refinishing hardwood floors, adding a backsplash, and updating hardware.

N-Hance of Charleston Offers Professional Excellence

While painting your kitchen cabinets can be a cost-effective home improvement, a professional touch ensures outstanding results. At N-Hance of Charleston, our experienced craftsmen specialize in cabinet painting, offering durability and aesthetic appeal. For a hassle-free experience and impeccable results, contact us at 843-303-9706 to arrange a FREE consultation.