N-Hance Charleston has multiple options for wood selection, design, finish, color and tone. You can completely replace your cabinet fronts with a new design and finish or reface your existing cabinet fronts.

All at less than the cost of traditional remodeling!


Door Replacement

This option allows you to customize your kitchen for a fraction of the cost of new cabinet installation. We can provide the style of your choice from Shaker to Raised Panel in any wood species. All our doors are unfinished allowing you to have the custom painted look or the warmth of the wood tones of your choice.

Lightspeed Refinishing


With our Refacing process we start with unfinished doors and veneers. This allows us to bond an unfinished Veneer to your cabinets in the wood species of your choice. By sanding and finishing each corner and seam prior to applying the stain or color your cabinets have the look of new versus seeing seams from the pre-finished veneers.

N-Hance Cares

For example, this process allows you to go from Oak to Maple or White to Wood tone. 

Think of the possibilities!