Give Your Cabinets The Look & Functionality of Custom Cabinetry in Only 3-5 DAYS!

Add Efficiency & Style with our Custom Woodworking Options

When planning the design of a kitchen, a lot of thought is put into cabinets and countertop colors, appliances, and layout. What is often overlooked is the design of the base cabinets which dictates much of the kitchen cabinetry functionality and efficiency.

During our refinishing process, we have the capability to update your kitchen through non-structural modifications. This is a great opportunity to take care of those items you have always wanted to upgrade. Some examples of additional carpentry services we provide include:

  • Additional cabinets
  • Roll-outs and racks
  • Concealed hinges
  • Hinge swap
  • Handles or pulls
  • Crown molding
  • Under-cabinet molding
  • Cabinet modification (raising for an appliance)
  • Decorative door panels
  • Trim panels to islands or peninsulas

Add Efficiency

Cabinet doors give the illusion of a lot of space, but how often does one really reach all the way to the back?  Does anyone store any important items back there?  Drawers allow the items to be pulled out into the footprint of the kitchen.  They are not large, cavernous spaces that attract junk and clutter.  Pots, pans, and small appliances can be stored and accessed without having to move or stack items.



cabinet modification options cabinet modifications


Add Functionality

Little ones in the house – no problem!  Convert the bathroom cabinetry to drawers and allow the bottom drawer to include a shared pull-out stool for little ones to stand on when they need to be at the sink.  The pull-out goes back in and hides in the cabinetry when not in use.   This would also be a kitchen option to allow little ones to help with food prep around an island or another safe place in the kitchen.





Go from Builder Grade to a Highly Efficient Kitchen Customized to meet your needs!

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Lightspeed® Nano Instant-Cure Refinishing

N-Hance can transform your wood surfaces in a matter of days, not weeks using our proprietary Lightspeed technology. After the specialized color product is complete, Lightspeed technology uses UV light to instantly cure a final, durable topcoat to your cabinets or floors. Surfaces will be 100% ready for immediate use when we leave.

Learn More about N-Hance Lightspeed® Nano Instant-Cure Refinishing

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