Kitchen spaces are one of the most important areas of any home. Renovations and updates to your kitchen can increase the value of your home and make cooking more enjoyable. Cabinet refacing in Summerville, SC, emerges as a cost-effective kitchen renovation. It’s a budget-friendly alternative to a full remodel that imparts a fresh, updated aesthetic to your kitchen. However, choosing the right company for the job is paramount. Not all cabinet refacing services offer you the same value. It’s important to find a superior wood refinishing provider, like N-Hance of Charleston, to get the most out of your kitchen cabinet refacing. 

Veneers vs. Custom-Made Hardwood Doors

Let’s start with a primer on veneers. These are crafted from thin sheets of either wood or melamine, a type of plastic known as thermofoil. Essentially, the wood or plastic is affixed to particle board, which is then applied to your cabinets.

The Pitfalls of Veneers

A key drawback of opting for veneers in cabinet refacing lies in their lack of durability compared to alternative materials. Being a thin covering, they’re susceptible to chipping and damage, particularly along the edges and corners. This can result in an unsightly appearance that detracts from your kitchen’s overall allure. At N-Hance of Charleston, we advocate for the use of custom cabinets made from hardwood. Our unique refacing process guarantees the robustness necessary for a bustling kitchen. Our approach withstands heavy kitchen traffic and ensures a top-quality finish thanks to our innovative Lightspeed® Nano technology.

The troubles with veneers don’t end there. They’re prone to cracking when exposed to various elements and temperatures, like hot water or grease. This differential expansion can lead to further issues. Even if surface damage isn’t immediately visible, the particle board beneath is susceptible to easy harm. This is due to its composition of leftover, inexpensive materials like wood shavings, bonded together. 

Furthermore, veneers are prone to both chipping and water damage. Their thin composition allows moisture to seep between the veneer and the cabinet, leading to warping and unsightly bubbles. Rectifying these issues can prove challenging and may compromise the cabinets’ overall appearance and resilience.

As a result, it’s porous and liable to ripples, cracks, sagging, and more. Even if your cabinet veneers are attached to plywood, they’re still susceptible to damage, especially in humid conditions. While plywood might have a longer lifespan than particle board, hardwood stands as the sturdier option, lasting for decades.

Resisting the Temptation of Veneers

It’s essential not to succumb to the allure of veneers. When you’re investing in your home, you deserve a final result that exudes beauty and longevity. Over time, veneers may deteriorate, particularly in a busy household with high kitchen traffic. While they may appear cost-effective upfront, they could end up looking worse than your original cabinets.

Opting for a cabinet refacing company that prioritizes hardwood and meticulously crafts your cabinet doors and drawer fronts from scratch, guarantees a superior product.

Superior Cabinet Refacing With N-Hance of Charleston

At N-Hance, we exclusively employ solid hardwood in our cabinet refacing endeavors, offering an extensive array of styles, colors, and finishing techniques. What’s more, we employ our proprietary Lightspeed® Nano system to cure the coating, ensuring your cabinets boast a rock-hard surface. This means they won’t crack or peel, regardless of the high traffic and heavy use they endure in your home.

N-Hance’s unique approach to cabinet refacing is called cabinet door replacement, and it comes with a curated selection of custom accessories and hardware, ranging from soft-close drawer glides to an array of knobs, pulls, glass cabinets, crown molding, wine racks, shelves, and dovetail drawer boxes. With our team of refacing experts, your cabinets will emerge looking entirely refreshed and transformed.
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