Kitchen remodeling involves a handful of decisions. From selecting paint colors for kitchen cabinets, flooring, and counters, to backsplash tile. Among the many decisions that are required for superior cabinet painting in Summerville,  An often overlooked yet crucial element to consider is lighting—both natural and artificial—as it significantly influences the overall aesthetic. Here’s essential information from N-Hance of Charleston before finalizing your cabinet paint color decision.

What Role Does Light Play in Your Kitchen?

The perception of color on your kitchen cabinets is influenced by both natural and artificial lighting in the room. Have you ever chosen a paint color based on an online or in-store display, only to find that it looks entirely different on your walls at home? If you have, then you’ve encountered this phenomenon. Abundant light can make colors appear more vibrant, while subdued light can mute or dull them by reducing their intensity. Achieving a balance between natural and artificial light allows for greater control over color intensity, enabling you to create the ambiance that best suits your dream kitchen.

How to Manipulate Natural Light 

Factors such as the time of year and the orientation of your home can contribute to the appearance of the paint color on your kitchen cabinets. As the sun rises and falls, the color of your cabinets can look different. If you are considering adding custom cabinets to your kitchen, talk to the N-Hance of Charleston team about the best color for your house.

In spaces with limited natural light, the chosen paint colors may appear less vibrant. To accurately showcase the selected cabinet paint color, incorporating appropriate artificial lighting becomes crucial. You don’t have to understand light on your own. N-Hance offers advice about frequently asked questions. If you have a unique question, reach out to our wood refinishing experts to speak with a trained professional.

Strategies to maximize the available light include:

  • Choosing a light, bright paint color for your cabinets
  • Hanging mirrors to reflect light
  • Pruning shrubs or trees that are blocking sunlight from getting inside
  • Skipping window treatments or opting for light, airy window treatments rather than heavy ones

Utilizing natural light is the best way to showcase the true color of your kitchen.

What are the Benefits of Artificial Light

Not all artificial light is created equal. lightbulbs vary in wattage and color temperatures. Picking the right light bulbs is essential for creating the correct light for your home.

Incandescent lighting, in higher quantities, enhances warm colors intensely but dulls cool colors. Conversely, halogen lighting behaves more akin to natural lighting, ensuring that the color on your kitchen cabinets appears truer to life. 

ED lighting, available in various color temperatures, can make kitchen cabinet colors appear either cooler or warmer, depending on the chosen bulb. Do you want to see examples of kitchens painted with natural and artificial light in mind? N-Hance of Charleston has a photo gallery that you can draw inspiration from.

Moreover, there are smart lightbulbs with multiple settings to consider. These bulbs provide greater control over the lighting and ambiance in your kitchen. For tasks like cooking or reading a recipe, you can opt for a brighter light setting, while during moments of entertaining or relaxation over a meal, you can choose a softer, cozier glow.

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Colors With Lighting in Mind 

Bright fluorescent lights in stores differ significantly from the lighting in your home. Avoid committing to a color based on store lighting alone. Instead, bring home several samples to observe in your kitchen. Assess the colors at various times of the day and under different lighting conditions—turn off the lights, open the blinds, light a candle, and so on. This comprehensive approach will help you understand how your cabinets will appear in any circumstance.

If you’re unsure how to select a color before investing in expert cabinet painting in Charleston, turn to the experts at N-Hance of Charleston. We understand how lighting interacts with paint colors. We can provide recommendations tailored to your kitchen. Our cabinet color change process ensures a perfectly even color and a durable finish. Regardless of the lighting conditions or your color temperature preferences, N-Hance is the team you can rely on to bring it all together in a way that suits your taste. With a wide range of colors to choose from, including the option to match a color you bring to us, we’ll enhance the beauty of your cabinets and infuse new life—and more light—into your kitchen space.

Are you ready to manipulate the light in your home to achieve the perfect cabinet color change? Call N-Hance of Charleston at 843-303-9706 to set up a FREE consultation.