You’ve probably seen countless beautiful, white kitchens all over the internet and design magazines for years. Have you ever wondered what makes white kitchen cabinets such a sought-after trend? 

Before we dive in, you should know that it’s possible to achieve this look in your own kitchen for an affordable price. A lot of homeowners jump to cabinet painting—however, there’s actually a better way. 

White painted cabinets can chip and wear down easily, while a white custom color finish from N-Hance is highly durable and guaranteed not to scratch, chip, or peel. 

Reasons To Choose White Kitchen Cabinets

  1. White cabinets open up even the tiniest kitchens and give the illusion of a larger space. This custom color makes spaces feel larger and puts off a fresh, airy feel. In contrast, dark kitchen cabinets can make a room feel smaller. 
  1. If you want to achieve a lighter, brighter kitchen, white cabinets are the perfect choice. This color is especially effective in kitchen that lack good natural light. 
  1. The color white is associated with cleanliness—and for good reason. It’s true that white cabinets might show smudges easier than a dark cabinet. However, seeing stains often motivates homeowners to wipe down their cabinets more often—which isn’t only beneficial from an aesthetic standpoint, but from a sanitary perspective, too. 
  1. White cabinets are one of the most versatile pallets to work with from a design perspective. They’re like a blank canvas that pair well with just about any decor. Plus, white cabinets make it easy to add pops of color in less permanent ways—like rugs, curtains, artwork, dishes, and more—and transition easily through the years as your style does. This can ultimately save you a lot of money in the long-run. 
  1. Choosing white custom color cabinets has been a fan-favorite for decades, with no end in sight. White cabinets are a timeless, thoughtful, wise choose that can help preserve the resale value of your home—and your remodeling budget. 

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Custom Cabinet Painting In Summerville, SC

If white kitchen cabinets are on your horizon, remember that there’s a better method than traditional paint. Choose N-Hance custom color cabinet refinishing for a stunning white finish that will stand the test of time. We’re committed to providing the most durable, functional, and beautiful cabinets to customers throughout the Summerville area. 

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