Have you ever found that some home improvement projects can be made to look really simple online but, when you try it yourself, you realize halfway in that there was more to the project than you originally thought? We know how you feel, especially when one of those projects is painting your cabinets.

Deciding to take on a cabinet painting project yourself can cost you precious time and remodeling dollars, especially if you make a mistake and it isn’t done correctly. With these tips from the N-Hance pros, you won’t have to worry about doing the job right!

1 – Find color scheme inspiration from an existing design

Rather than trying to create something new and original, find a color palette you love from Pinterest, Instagram, or your favorite design magazine. If you are still having trouble finding the right color scheme for your kitchen, we can help you find the right colors that will work in your space.

2 – Select the best primer, paint, and topcoat

Many do-it-yourselfers and even professional painters make the mistake of using wall primers and latex paints on their cabinets. These types of materials aren’t formulated to last on cabinets and typically won’t hold up to daily use and abuse. Instead, choose an acrylic, enamel, or alkyd paint that is made for finishing cabinets.

3 – Organize doors, drawers, and hardware as you remove them

There is a lot of disassembling to do during the cabinet painting process, so you can save yourself the headache in the long run by numbering and labeling the doors, drawer fronts, and hardware that go together as you remove them. Trust us – you’ll be surprised at how much time this one trick, alone, will save you and keep you more organized!

4 – Thoroughly clean cabinets before painting

One of the most important steps you can do is to take adequate time beforehand to remove grease, food particles, and grimy build-up from your cabinet surfaces. This will help to ensure the primer, paint, and top coat adhere to your cabinet surfaces better.

5 – Tint the primer for darker cabinets

If you have decided to paint your cabinets a darker shade, you’ll likely need to apply several coats in order to get adequate coverage. By tinting the primer to match your cabinet color, you can make the process go much faster. Be sure to only add a small amount of color at a time until the primer reaches the perfect shade.

6 – Create a designated painting and drying area

Be sure to set up a sturdy work station with plenty of room to lay out your cabinet fronts and drawers. It’s preferable to find a spot outdoors if possible, but if not, make sure the place you choose has adequate ventilation.

7 – Put together a temporary kitchen

Your kitchen will more than likely be out of commission during the painting process. So, set up an area with a hot plate, toaster, paper plates, plastic utensils, and whatever else you might need to get you by until your cabinets are complete.

Cabinet Painting In Powell, Ohio

When it comes to painting your cabinets in Powell, Ohio, if you’re not ready to take on the project yourself, you have a great option in N-Hance.  It’s what we do every day so we are the experts. We use a patented process and proprietary finishes that are specially designed for cabinet refinishing and painting. We make the whole cabinet painting process fast and stress-free for you, from start to finish, and provide a professional factory-grade, ultra durable finish that will last over time.

No matter what your dream kitchen might look like, we provide thousands of custom color options from which to choose, and we can take all of the hard work and mess off your hands. You will be left with the kitchen you’ve always wanted, and all done with minimal impact on your busy schedule.  Most kitchen refinishing project are completed in just one week, from looking tired and worn out to being fresh and beautiful.  It’s like getting a brand new kitchen!

Plus, we offer options for enhancing cabinet organization and storage capacity, upgrades to cabinet doors and drawers as well as add brand new cabinets to add function to your kitchen.

Are you ready to get started on your cabinet painting project in Powell, Ohio? Contact N-Hance today!