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How to Choose the Right Tool When Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Before you begin painting your kitchen cabinets, an important decision awaits: choosing between a roller, sprayer, or brush. Each tool plays a crucial role in achieving the best results for different parts of the job. To ensure your DIY cabinet makeover goes smoothly, here’s a guide to help you make the right choice. When to […]

How Lighting Can Affect Your Kitchen Cabinet Colors

When it comes to updating your kitchen, there are a lot of details to think about – kitchen cabinet paint colors, flooring, wall paint colors, counters, backsplash tile, and more! One thing people often overlook is the fact that the lighting in your kitchen can have a huge impact on the overall aesthetic of your […]

How to Choose a Cabinet Painting Pro

When it comes to updating your kitchen cabinets, cabinet painting is a great option if you are looking to keep your current cabinets and change up their look at an affordable price. Before you make any decisions, you should keep in mind that not all cabinet paint jobs are created equal. We have seen many […]

4 Common Questions About Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Revamping your kitchen cabinets is no small feat. Yet, the payoff can be monumental, offering a stunning and cost-effective makeover. Through cabinet painting, you have the power to breathe new life into worn-out, outdated cabinets, instantly revitalizing your entire kitchen space. If you’re new to painting kitchen cabinets yourself, it’s natural to feel a bit […]

How Can Hardwood Floor Refinishing Save You Money?

Are your hardwood floors showing signs of wear and tear? Before considering the costly and time-consuming option of replacing them, consider the refinishing services offered by N-Hance of Columbus. Our unique approach allows us to refinish hardwood flooring of all types, regardless of their condition, even if they are severely damaged. This process offers a […]

Does The Type of Paint Matter When Painting Kitchen Cabinets?

As you prepare to paint your cabinets, selecting the right paint goes beyond just choosing the perfect color. While color certainly matters, there’s more to consider when it comes to achieving a durable and beautiful finish. With various types of paint available, such as oil, latex, or acrylic, along with different sheen options, making the […]

Organize Your Kitchen With Cabinet Storage Solutions

Whether your goal this year is to get your kitchen organized finally, or if you’re simply sick of cluttered drawers, cramped cabinets, and a pantry that’s a disaster zone, it might be time to invest in cabinet storage solutions. While they may seem like simple upgrades, they can make a big change to the flow […]

How Does N-Hance of Columbus Reface Cabinets?

Ready to breathe new life into your cabinets? Look no further than N-Hance of Columbus! Our skilled craftsmen, armed with top-notch materials and innovative techniques, are here to breathe fresh vitality into your weary and outdated cabinets. Through our cabinet refacing services, you can achieve a total makeover for your cabinets, embracing a new style […]

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Transformations

Did you know your kitchen remodel can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars? Fortunately, plenty of budget-friendly options are available that can still impact your kitchen if you are worried about your budget. One of these options is cabinet refacing. By refacing your cabinets, you can give them a fresh new look without breaking […]

8 Tips for Preparing Your Kitchen for Cabinet Painting

When embarking on a kitchen remodel that involves cabinet painting, the thought of clearing out your kitchen can be daunting. Emptying the cabinets, decluttering the countertops, and preparing your kitchen for professional work can feel like a big task. To help simplify the kitchen cabinet painting prep process, we’ve gathered our top tips to guide […]

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