Ready to breathe new life into your cabinets? Look no further than N-Hance of Columbus! Our skilled craftsmen, armed with top-notch materials and innovative techniques, are here to breathe fresh vitality into your weary and outdated cabinets. Through our cabinet refacing services, you can achieve a total makeover for your cabinets, embracing a new style and color palette without the hefty price tag of a complete replacement. Once we’re done, you’ll be amazed at the stunning transformation – your cabinets will look unrecognizably revitalized. Curious to learn more about the process? Dive into the details below.

When We Reface Cabinets, the Process Begins with You

When you have N-Hance of Columbus help you reface your cabinets, our team will be with you every step of the way. We will help you explore all of your options, and consider your personal style and the unique features of your space. Here are some of the choices you can make to customize your cabinets. 

Door Styles

To help you bring your dream kitchen to life, we offer a wide range of door styles including shaker, beadboard, flat front, and more, in both traditional and contemporary looks. You will be able to customize the panels, edges, stiles, and rails to create a final result that perfectly reflects your vision and fits your budget.

Cabinet Colors and Finishes

After you’ve selected the door style, you can choose from our list of colors and finishes, including 12 colors ranging from Pure White to Top Hat Black and 12 stains such as Raw Sienna and Burnt Umber. And if you have a specific shade in mind, we can even match a sample that you provide. In addition to our selection of colors, we also offer a range of sheens, from matte to gloss, and specialty finishes like antiquing and glazing. To finish the look of your cabinets, we can even add crown molding to the top of your cabinets and offer a variety of hardware options for your doors and drawer fronts. Our team will be there with you to help you find the perfect combination to bring your vision to life.

Wood Styles

The choice of wood for your kitchen cabinet refacing project plays a pivotal role in determining the ultimate outcome. Various kinds of wood boast unique densities, grains, and shades, influencing how the selected paint color or stain will manifest on each surface. Certain options can evoke a striking and luxurious appearance, while others maintain a light and bright ambiance in your kitchen. Collaborate with N-Hance of Columbus, and you’ll have the flexibility to pick the wood that perfectly aligns with your style and envisioned aesthetic for your space.

How N-Hance of Columbus Refaces Kitchen Cabinets

After you’ve made your choices, our team will start the cabinet refacing process. We will start by masking and draping the work area to protect your home from paint or stain splatter. All you’ll need to do is empty your cabinets and we will take care of the rest!

Before we start on any painting or staining, we will clean your cabinet boxes and remove the drawers and door fronts. Our cleaning solution, which is exclusive to N-Hance, is specially formulated to tackle the grease and grime that is common in kitchen environments. We will be sure to repair any scratches, dents or other imperfections on the surface of the cabinet boxes as well. This will help create a smooth and flawless base that is ready for priming and coloring.

Once the cabinet boxes are meticulously prepped and primed, we will apply the paint or stain according to your preference, followed by a clear, protective top-coat. To help speed up the drying process and reduce any downtime in your kitchen, we will then use our exclusive Lightspeed® system, utilizing UV technology to swiftly cure your cabinets within seconds. This advanced process is replicated on the newly crafted cabinet doors and drawer fronts in our workshop, ensuring a rapid turnaround and delivering a robust, factory-like finish with exceptional durability.

When your doors and drawer fronts are ready, we will install them in your home and add any new hardware, such as soft-close hinges, pulls, and knobs. Before we leave, we will give you a tour of the completed project to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result. 

Are You Ready For a Whole New Look With Cabinet Refacing?

If you are ready to give your kitchen a fresh, new look starting with your cabinets, then cabinet refacing is the best cost-effective and efficient way to do that. It will be much more affordable than a full cabinet replacement, which can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, and it takes less time than traditional refacing services. Plus, you’ll be able to retain the value, integrity, and beauty of your existing hardwood cabinet frames, saving you money in the process.

N-Hance of Columbus is here to help you transform your kitchen through our cabinet refacing process! Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you bring your dream kitchen to life today!