A full kitchen remodel is an exciting opportunity, especially if you want to add significant value to your home and express your personal style. Keep in mind that your cabinets, flooring, and countertops are components that will make the most impact on your kitchen design. When you bring in N-Hance, you will be able to enjoy the cost-saving solutions without sacrificing quality results for cabinetry, finishes, decorative hardware, Cambria quartz countertops, backsplash and flooring.

When it comes to planning your kitchen renovation, the products, materials, and design options all matter so, it’s important to gather samples and bring them all together and not make decisions until you do.

We know how difficult big decisions can be, so here are a few tips from our team of kitchen remodeling experts to help you!

Coordinating Your Kitchen Finishes

The kitchen is arguably the room in your home with the biggest impact on your life, and one you’ll probably be spend the most time in. So, try to keep permanent finishes like cabinets, floors and countertops neutral and timeless. Think ‘simplicity’ in your design, but keep in mind that planning and careful thought will be required to pull it off. Add unique pops of personality through accents or seasonal decor. 

#1 – Timeless is best for a design with elegance and longevity.

You can start by narrowing down your options to an overall color scheme for your new kitchen, including one main color and two accent colors. For example, you may choose white cabinets with light gray countertops or backsplash and a richer, warmer brown for your flooring. Collect samples of the colors you would like, to see which one works best for your space. If you are looking to incorporate a bolder color like yellow, blue, orange, or green, use it as an accent.

#2 – Start with the cabinets and countertops. 

Start with the features that cover the largest surface area and make the biggest impact in the kitchen – often times this will be your cabinets and countertops. Rather than completely replacing your cabinets, you can reduce your remodeling budget by simply painting or refacing the cabinets. After you’ve decided on your cabinet color, choose a countertop material that will fit both your style and your needs for durability. Do this while keeping your color palette in mind.

#3 – Choose your flooring.

While there aren’t any concrete rules you need to follow when choosing your flooring, keep in mind that current trends in design often include more of a dramatic contrast between cabinet and flooring colors while traditional styles usually have more of a blended look between floors and cabinets. No matter if you’re putting in new hardwood, refinishing existing hardwood floors or your floors need a quick refresh, we can help with that!

#4 – Finish up with kitchen accents and accessories. 

Now that the main elements have been selected for your kitchen, it’s time to finish up with accents like cabinet hardware, backsplash, appliances, wall paint, and lighting. See if you can tie in coordinating elements and stay true to your color palette.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing In Upper Arlington

We know a lot of planning and effort goes into pulling off a beautiful kitchen remodel, that’s why N-Hance of Columbus is here to help make every dollar in your budget count with our cabinet refinishing, cabinet redooring and expert hardwood floor refinishing. We look forward to helping you create the kitchen of your dreams at a fraction of the cost!

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