N-Hance of Eugene Professional Cabinet and Professional Floor Refinishing Services

To get a professionally updated kitchen or freshly refinished floors in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon, it is important to use an expert cabinet painter, cabinet refinisher, or floor refinisher. N-Hance of Eugene uses proprietary products, and we pride ourselves on quality workmanship.Our pros are all trained to professional standards. You can read our N-Hance reviews to see what our customers think about our quality service.

The best Cabinet Painting, Cabinet Staining, and Cabinet Refacing Services in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon 

Are you looking for a professional cabinet painter or professional cabinet refinisher near you? Look no further! N-Hance of Eugene services the following areas and surrounding areas to give you the most professional results on your kitchen cabinets and floors. There is no reason to search for cabinet painting near me anymore!

In the area of Eugene, Oregon, N-Hance of Eugene provides the following expert services to help homeowners get an updated look to their kitchen cabinets:

Cabinet Painting

Are your cabinets in good shape? Are you looking for an option to give you kitchen cabinets a fresh look? N-Hance of Eugene Cabinet Painting is the solution for you. If you like the style of your cabinets, N-Hance of Eugene can paint your cabinets without the mess and expense of a full remodel. N-Hance of Eugene will remove the doors and drawer boxes, clean and prepare your cabinet doors, drawers and boxes. We will then prime, paint, and add a factory finish to provide you with durable cabinets for years to come.

Cabinet Painting in Eugene, Oregon

Cabinet Painting in Springfield, Oregon

Cabinet Refinishing

Do your cabinets need a new coat of finish? Has normal wear and tear made them look dull? N-Hance of Eugene can give your cabinets new life with our unique, comprehensive wood cabinet refinishing process.  N-Hance of Eugene  starts by cleaning the dirt and grease off your wood cabinet doors, drawers and boxes. We touch up and blend the areas where color may have scratched off or faded over time. N-Hance of Eugene  then adds a factory top coat to protect your cabinets from the normal wear and tear. You will love your “new” cabinets and how durable they are.

Cabinet Refinishing in Eugene, Oregon

Cabinet Refinishing in Springfield, Oregon

Cabinet Staining in Eugene, Oregon

Cabinet Staining in Springfield, Oregon

Cabinet Refacing, Redooring, or Kitchen Cabinet Door Replacement

If you want to update the style of your kitchen without changing the layout, or are simply looking to refresh your cabinets to a new look, N-Hance of Eugene Cabinet Door Replacement is the right choice for you. N-Hance of Eugene can give you an updated look without the hassle or cost of installing new cabinets. N-Hance of Eugene  will replace your doors and drawer fronts with new wood doors or drawers. These wood doors and wood doors are color-matched to your existing cabinet boxes. N-Hance of Eugene can replace your hinges and we offer a wide variety of new pulls and knobs. You will have a new refreshed and stylish kitchen.

Cabinet Refacing in Eugene, Oregon

Cabinet Refacing in Springfield, Oregon

Cabinet Redooring in Eugene, Oregon

Cabinet Redooring in Springfield, Oregon

Kitchen Cabinet Door Replacement in Eugene, Oregon

Kitchen Cabinet Door Replacement in Springfield, Oregon

The best Floor Refinishing, Floor Staining, and Floor Sanding Services in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon

Have you been searching for a professional floor refinisher or sander near you? Your search is over! N-Hance of Eugene services the following and surrounding areas to give you the most professional results on your hardwood floors. There is no reason to search for floor refinishing near me anymore!

In the area of Eugene and Springfield, Oregon, N-Hance of Eugene provides the following professional floor refinishing services to help you get beautifully refreshed and like-new wood floors:

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Are your floors scratched from years of use? N-Hance of Eugene will clean you hardwood floors to remove any dirt, grease or oil that may have accumulated from years of use. N-Hance of Eugene  will then repair any spots on your floors that need color, and we will apply a sealer to bond our factory finish coat. Your floors will now last for many more years.

Floor Refinishing in Eugene, Oregon

Floor Refinishing in Springfield, Oregon

Hardwood Floor Staining

If you love your floors but want another color N-Hance of Eugene can update your floors to match the style you like. We have a variety of wood stain colors for you to choose from, or we can mix them to get the desired wood stain color you would like.

Floor Staining in Eugene, Oregon

Floor Staining in Springfield, Oregon

Hardwood Floor Sanding

Are your floors scratched? Do they have deep grooves from furniture, shoes, or from your pet’s nails? N-Hance of Eugene can sand your floor to give your wood floors a new surface. Your floors will look brand new with N-Hance of Eugene’s hardwood floor sanding. We start by sanding your wood floors and floor edges. We use our wood floor sander and edger to do this. During this process virtually all dust is removed. We connect our sander and edger with our commercial grade vacuum. N-Hance of Eugene sands your floors in multiple thin steps. This is to only sand the minimum required. This helps you keep your floors longer. After your floors are sanded to our quality standards we seal your floors and apply multiple coats of our factory finish. You will love your wood floors when we are finished.

Floor Sanding in Eugene, Oregon

Floor Sanding in Springfield, Oregon

Hardwood Floor Restoration

Sometimes your floors need a little more work than refinishing or sanding. You might have parquet or hand sanded floors. N-Hance of Eugene can restore your floors even if they are pre-engineered. In the event you have a few boards that need to be replaced, we can give you an estimate. Hardwood floor restoration in the entire process. We clean, repair, sand and refinish. If your floors are damaged we can consult with you on our processes and products. address them.

Floor Restoration in Eugene, Oregon

Floor Restoration in Springfield, Oregon

Ready to book a cabinet painting, cabinet refinishing, cabinet refacing, or a floor refinishing free estimate or bid? Contact N-Hance of Eugene at (541) 222-9663 or fill out this form and we will contact you.

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