Classic Cabinet Refinishing

Many homeowners have had their floors sanded and refinished or heard stories from someone who did. If your experience was like most, there was dust everywhere and you were finding it months after the job was done. You probably also had to put up with the smell of the finish. There are some stories of people literally having to move out of their home and into a hotel room. And when they got back, their cereal tasted funny from the fumes. The only solution used to be sanding down to bare wood and refinishing or replacing completely. Well, now there is a new service called N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Refinishing.

N-Hance renews the original shine and luster of all your wood surfaces, but without the dust, mess, or odor typically associated with wood refinishing. And it can be offered at a fraction of the cost of traditional refinishing, sanding, or refacing!

The ideal Classic Cabinet Refinishing job is for a floor that has some visible wear with light surface scratches. The finish is pretty much intact with no signs of bare wood. Separations between the boards are minimal and the entire floor requires minor touch-up if any. A Classic Floor Refinishing is typically completed in just one day.

“Sanding was just awful, there was dust everywhere, we had to cover everything with plastic. We had to stay at a hotel for 2 days and we couldn’t go in the house at all. It was very intrusive. N-Hance was wonderful! Fifty percent of our floor is hardwood and we have a lot of traffic with six kids and the N-Hance refinishing lasted longer than when we had them sanded. Under my sink, the wood was damaged from all the water and they restored it to look like new again.”Laurie B.

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