Cabinet Color Shift La Crosse, WI

Cabinet Color Shift La Crosse, WI N-Hance Cabinet Refinishing

When Refinishing Your Cabinets, Get the Feel You Want With Our Color Shift Option

When it comes to the cabinet refinishing La Crosse offers, we feel that you deserve the very best – and that’s why we offer multiple refinishing options, ensuring you get the exact look and feel you want. If our basic refinishing option doesn’t provide the look you want, then we recommend considering our color shift technique. Using this method will add a somewhat warmer tone to your cabinets without drowning out the grain in your wood. This is great for getting rid of yellowish tints that occur over time with sun exposed or oil based finishes. The slightly darker tone will add a richer feel to your kitchen and make it the heart of your home once again.

Save Time and Money

Our method is certain to deliver the results you want, and because of the unique process we use our customers save on the cost and time it takes to typically refinish your kitchen cabinets. Various methods of providing a makeover to your kitchen include a long and messy refinishing process, or replacing your cabinets altogether. Our method requires no replacing and no sanding. A color shift will only take 2-3 days and then your kitchen will be back in commission. Because our process is so efficient we are able to pass savings onto you. With N-Hance La Crosse cabinet refinishing, there is no reason why you can’t have the kitchen of your dreams today!

Call today for the best cabinet color shift La Crosse has to offer. Call N-Hance FRM to schedule your appointment to change the look of your kitchen!

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