Cabinet Services in Rochester Minnesota

Cabinet Refinishing Rochester Minnesota
Rochester cabinet refinishing, cabinet staining, and cabinet painting are all services sought after by many of our customers. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets can have a strong effect on the overall appearance of the entire house. We offer alternative refinishing services to the traditional, messy services that come with a strong odor. We offer an in-home estimate for a chance to we can walk you through our services, on site, to find the best match for your home’s needs.

Rochester Classic Cabinet Refinishing

N-Hance® Classic Cabinet Refinishing in Rochester is the best option for those who love their old cabinets, that may just beginning to look worn out from years of use. Our process easily removes dirt and grease with a quick, odor free process. The life and luster of your cabinets can be restored!

Rochester Cabinet Color Shift

We can offer a slight change in the cabinets color to attain a warmer tone with the Cabinet Color Shift for our Rochester customers. This is a common request for homes with cabinets that have had fading due to sunlight and cabinets that have had their color damaged by humidity. Kitchen cabinet staining isn’t the only way to update the overall look of your home!

Rochester Cabinet Color Change

If you’re on the search for a more dramatic change in the color of your Rochester cabinets, a Cabinet Color Change may be the best route to take. Cabinet staining is a common alternative to this option as well, but the professional approach our service takes is unmatched! The change will often be from a light color, such as golden oak, to a deep, rich color – for example to attain a cherry, walnut, or black tone.

Rochester Custom Painted Finishes

Kitchen cabinet painting is on high demand in Rochester! From white cabinets to other popular colors like gray and blue, our Custom Color Change – or Opaque Finish – will provide this unique look and still keep the natural wood grain of the cabinet. While we don’t do any painting, we still have this option for you! We have a variety of colors and four finish techniques to help make our Custom Custom Color Change popular among our customers.

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