Hardwood Floor Services in Rochester Minnesota

Hardwood Floors Services in Rochester Minnesota

Floor Refinishing Rochester Minnesota
Professional floor refinishing in Rochester is a popular service. The biggest concerns presented type of floor renewal is the large amount of dust and the harmful odors leaving you with a messy inconvenience after the service. A great deal of time and money is spent on this type of appointment. At N-Hance, we offer an alternative service that will leave you without the typical mess and powerful odors. We will be able to do these revolutionary services for a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time. With a variety of N-Hance services available, we have the ability to help our customers liven up their home with ease.

Classic Floor Refinishing

Rochester Classic Floor Refinishing
The N-Hance Classic Floor Refinishing will revive the life and luster of your flooring in a timely manner and without the mess, dust, or odor that is normally associated with renewing floors. With results comparable to many hardwood floor refinishing services, the Classic Floor Refinishing leaves our customers satisfied with the N-Hance process. Every type of hardwood floor has experienced some type of wear, aging, or damage.

Hammered Floor Renewal

Rochester Hammered Floor Renewal
Hardwood floors with gray to black traffic areas will require the Hammered Floor Renewal service we offer in Rochester. These darkened and gray areas may be caused by scratches from pets, children, or moving furniture. Keep an eye out to see if you can find any water damage spots! They are more likely to be present on this type of flooring.

Unsandable Floor Renewal

Rochester Non-Sandable Floor Renewal
Is your wood flooring sandable and safe for the typical wood refinishing Rochester offers? There are several types of wood floors growing in popularity that are not safe to be renewed by typical methods. N-Hance has the process that can make your hardwood flooring look like new without causing any damage.

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