New cabinets can easily take up half of your renovation budget. You want your cabinets to be functional, but you also want a new kitchen you can afford. So what is the best option for those who want to stay within budget but also not compromise style when it comes to a kitchen remodel?

The truth is, you don’t need to replace your cabinets—or break the bank—in order to have a completely new look in your kitchen.

A Better Option Than Cabinet Door Replacement

A common misconception is that replacing cabinets entirely is the only way to achieve a new look in a kitchen. However, there’s actually a better way.

With cabinet refinishing, you can bring new life to worn, faded cabinets or dramatically change their finish with color change options. Refinishing is like a mini-makeover that saves you money—costing about one fifth the cost of replacing your cabinets, in fact.

Cabinet refinishing is far more convenient than replacing your cabinet doors, with much less stress. With cabinet refinishing from N-Hance of Hilton Head, you don’t have to remove appliances or deal with a dusty mess and your cabinets cure instantly. We’ll be out of your way in as little as one day—with a kitchen that’s still functional while the work is being done.

Pair your beautiful, rejuvenated cabinets with new hardware, and you’ll feel like you’ve been given an entirely new kitchen for a steal of a deal.

Your refinished cabinets will be a focal point in the new kitchen you’ve been longing for—and for a fraction of the cost compared to replacing your cabinet doors.

Cabinet Refinishing From N-Hance For Your Kitchen Remodel

If there’s a gap between your budget and your dream kitchen—and if your kitchen cabinets are in otherwise good condition—don’t make the mistake of replacing your cabinet doors. Rather, get more bang for your buck with cabinet refinishing. You’ll not only love your new kitchen but the extra cash in your wallet, too.

Your kitchen remodel dreams can become a reality with N-Hance of Hilton Head, South Carolina. Get started with your free price estimate today in your local area!