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For a free estimate on your cabinet color shift project just fill out the form above and we’ll have one of our wood renewal professionals get back to you. Or you can call us directly at 843-715-8420.For more information, see below.

Our technicians will look over your cabinets and let you know of your best options. If you are wanting a drastic change, maybe the color shift isn’t for you. If you are wanting to refresh your yellowing, faded cabinets, then the color shift is for you! N-Hance’s cabinet color shifts will warm up your dull looking cabinets but it will keep the beautiful texture the wood grain gives your kitchen cabinet doors. These types of projects can remove the yellow look that your wood may have turned over the years from the again oil based finish that was more than likely used. This is a great option also, if you want a little darker tone to your cabinets and it can really warm up a room and give it an all new look. This popular service typically takes 2-3 days to complete, depending on the project size.

Call N-Hance Low Country at 843-715-8420 for all your Cabinet Color Shift needs!

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