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4 Cabinet Refacing Tips To Transform Your Kitchen Or Bath

If now is the ideal time to spruce up the outdated cabinets in your bathroom or kitchen but you’re concerned about the cost, N-Hance can help. Our revolutionary cabinet refacing method can deliver the results you’re looking for without resorting to a costly overhaul of your space.  Cabinet refacing—or the process of renewing cabinet doors, […]

Choosing The Right Stain When Refinishing Your Wood Floor

If you’re fortunate enough to have beautiful hardwood floors in your home, you probably recognize the value in having them refinished periodically. Maybe you want to restore the existing color of your floors, or go for an entirely new shade. Whatever you ultimate goal, choosing the right stain for your wood floors is essential. Here […]

3 Ways To Update Cabinet Doors On A Budget

If you’re dreaming of a new kitchen but your budget seems to hold you back, you should know that there are several affordable alternatives to tearing out your existing cabinets completely. If your kitchen cabinets are in otherwise great shape and meet your needs, why get rid of them? Wood cabinet refinishing and cabinet door […]

How Cabinet Door Replacement Can Save You Money

If your heart starts racing and all you see is dollar signs when you think of the words, “kitchen remodel”, you’re not alone. But before your head starts swimming with all the costs, you should know that it’s possible to remodel your kitchen for a fraction of the cost. One of the most significant ways […]

3 ‘Round the Year’ Tips to Help Maintain Your Wood Floors!

Everybody enjoys the look of shiny wood floors as they enter a home. It gives a warm cozy feeling & gives our home another level of class. But, over time without proper care floors get scratches, accumulate dirt and grime & lose that luster that they once had. However, with a few simple tips you […]

Christmas Trees and Rocksalt

A great article in Parade about protecting your wood floors from both water from Christmas trees and rock salt. Dave Murphy, from N-Hance, explains how you should put mats and plastic under your tree, and you should avoid overfilling the container. With rock salt it is important to keep your floors clean so the rock […]

Welcome to the N-Hance

Welcome to the N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Renewal Blog. We have been delighting customers throughout the area by restoring the life and luster of their wood floors and kitchen cabinets without the dusty mess, noxious fumes, or inconvenience of traditional methods. Feel free to call us with any questions.

Top 10 Cabinet Care Tips

1. Clean all food spills from wood surfaces immediately.Use a microfiber or other lint free cloth with water or a mild cleaner (N-Hance Cabinet Cleaner is recommended).Do not use harsh detergents as it will damage your wood surfaces.Be sure to dry the area completely. 2. Dust regularly in the direction of the wood grain with […]

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