In today’s economy, no business wants to close their doors for a whole day in order to make the desperately needed renovations to their hardwood surfaces. That’s why N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Renewal has developed new Lightspeed technology. We can work around your business hours to keep you open!

From restaurants and hotels to apartment complexes and offices, Hilton Head, SC & Savannah, GA N-Hance Wood Refinishing uses this new Lightspeed technology to provide a quick and cost effective way to get those renovations done! Most jobs can be completed in just one day which allows you to close the doors at the end of the day when work is done and let our professional N-Hance technicians in to change the look of your business literally over night. See a couple of examples below.

This new N-Hance Wood Refinishing System is also an excellent solution for local real estate agents as the perfect way to change the look of a home and create even more value for your clients.