Homeowners come across a seemingly countless number of decisions throughout the cabinet refinishing journey. If you’re at the beginning of this road, you’ve likely considered if a more drastic, bold cabinet update would look great in your home or if it’s best to stick with a more subtle change. 

Whether you want to refresh your existing cabinets or transform them entirely with a new custom cabinet color, at the core, the decision comes down to preference, However, there are a few helpful parameters to keep in mind in order to make the best decision for your home. 

Pro’s Of Bold Cabinet Refinishing 

Obviously the most drastic choice would be a complete overhaul of your entire kitchen—which would include removing your existing cabinets completely and replacing them with new ones. However, this option comes with a significant price tag and time commitment, which may not be necessary for your needs. 

You can achieve the bold look of an entirely new kitchen with a much more affordable option—cabinet refacing. This is the process of leaving your cabinets intact but swapping out their fronts only. This allows you to keep the current layout of your kitchen and your existing cabinet boxes, but select a new profile, material, and color for the part of your cabinets you can see. This requires less waste, lets time, and fits better within most remodeling budgets. 

You can also achieve this look without replacing your cabinet fronts but instead painting your existing cabinets a new custom color. In fact, simply selecting a new cabinet color can make a significant impact in your kitchen with the mess or hassle of a full kitchen cabinet remodel. 

Pro’s Of Subtle Cabinet Refinishing 

If you love the current style, color, and tone of your cabinets but they’re looking outdating, damaged, or dull, N-Hance has an affordable solution. 

We have a variety of custom cabinet stains to choose from, and our cabinet refinishing process can make your cabinets look like new again. We can either perfectly match the existing color of your cabinets or provide you with a new stain. 

Either way, we’ll cure your cabinets using our revolutionary instant cure technology—leaving them rock hard, durable, and able to resist scratching, staining, and even the growth of harmful bacteria. 

Cabinet Refinishing In Sacramento, California

With N-Hance, the options for updating your kitchen cabinets are endless. We can help you make a bold statement or simply restore beauty and shine to your existing cabinets with our variety of custom color options and our revolutionary cabinet refinishing method

Whichever route you choose, we can deliver the results you’re looking for at a price that fits comfortably within your remodeling budget. 

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