Your kitchen is the heart of the home—a place where memories are made and where you and your loved ones spend the majority of your time together. It’s easy to see why the feeling in your kitchen sets the tone for the rest of your home.

Chances are, you’ve spent time on Pinterest scrolling through stunning photos of dream kitchens, in search of some inspiration. Your kitchen should reflect your personality and your own personal style. Be careful though—there are common mistakes you don’t want to make when it comes to selecting your new cabinet color and painting your kitchen cabinets.


Choosing The Wrong Color

Yes, you want a kitchen that’s uniquely yours. However, picking a trendy color for kitchen cabinets is the most common mistake people make.

Instead, select a versatile, marketable color that never goes out of style, like white or neutral, or a more natural wood stain. You may not picture yourself ever leaving your home, but in the chance that you could, home buyers look at the kitchen first, and you don’t want the cabinet color to turn them off.

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Designers agree that opting for a neutral color scheme—like white, grey, or beige—not only increases the resale value of your home, but sets the tone for the feeling you and your guests have when gathering in your space.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to sacrifice fun pops of color. Use your neutral cabinet color as a canvas, then add pops of color with bright dishes, hardware, barstools, rugs, or curtains. These non-permanent touches can be swapped out with the seasons or as your personal style evolves over time.


Forgetting Square Footage

When it comes to selecting a cabinet color, don’t forget to consider the square footage of your space. Dark colors can make a space look smaller, while lighter neutrals for cabinets, backsplash, countertops, and walls can make a tiny kitchen feel bigger.


Having Unrealistic Expectations

It’s easy to assume that painting your kitchen cabinets is a fairly simple task. However, if you plan to paint your cabinets yourself, be ready for a time commitment of at least a week and interruptions to your busy schedule. Having a professional do the work for you can save you time and prevents missing important steps that impact the quality of your project.


Failing To Clean The Wood Properly

Prep is arguably the most important step in the cabinet painting process. Grease, oils and wax build up on your cabinets and can keep paint from sticking. Professional painters and do-it-yourself-ers don’t always take the proper time to clean cabinets prior to painting.

It’s wise to consider choosing professionals who specialize in cabinet painting. They have special proprietary cleaning solutions that thoroughly remove contaminants from your cabinets that cause paint to peel.


Using The Wrong Paint And Primer

Remember: always prime your cabinets prior to painting. Most painters use wall primer on your cabinets, but our team of cabinet painting specialists at N-Hance will use a cabinet primer that stops bleed-through and blocks stains.

Now, for the fun part—your new cabinet color. Use an acrylic-polyurethane blend that resists chipping and peeling.

Most painters use latex paint, which is made for walls and not durable enough for cabinets. They also brush it on, leaving behind unwanted brush strokes and paint drips. Cabinet painting specialists at N-Hance always use proper primer and paint, and add an industrial strength top coat that is cured instantly with UV light, leaving a smooth, factory-like finish instantly, leaving you with little down-time or family disruptions.


Leave It To The Professionals

Your life is busy, and your time with family is important. So when it comes to taking on a project like painting your kitchen cabinets, why not leave the elbow-grease to the professionals? Choose a color that’s best for your space, then let us take it from here.


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