How much time do you spend in your kitchen? If you’re like the average American, chances are it’s a lot—given that most spend about one million minutes, or 37 minutes a day, in their kitchen during a lifetime.

This actually makes a lot of sense, considering the fact that the kitchen is the main place for social gatherings. A lot of memories will be made there and cherished for a lifetime. So don’t you think your kitchen should be a place you and your guests love to be?

Makeover Your Kitchen With New Cabinets

“Kitchen remodel” can be an intimidating term—but it doesn’t have to be. There’s actually one simple remodeling project that can give the illusion of a completely new, fresh kitchen: a cabinet color change.

Which Should You Choose For Your Cabinets: Paint Or Refinish?

Two of the most easy, affordable methods for updating old kitchen cabinets are refinishing and painting. Here are the pro’s and con’s of each option.

Cabinet Refinishing

Pro’s: Cabinet refinishing enhances rather than conceals the natural grain of your wood surfaces. Refinishing is a quick, effective way to restore rich color and tone to cabinets, correct discoloration, and remove stains. You’ll be left with beautiful cabinets full of character and dimension within as little as 1-2 days when done by professionals.

Con’s: Cabinet refinishing leaves you with a natural look to your cabinets—not a solid color like blue or white. Refinishing brings new life to the wood of your cabinets at a fraction of the cost compared to other techniques, but doesn’t give you a drastic, unnatural color.

Note: An excellent choice could also be a cabinet color change that alters your wood finish to a significantly lighter or darker tone—like from oak to walnut. This gives you a more drastic makeover while keeping the integrity of a natural wood grain. Color change services only take about 3-5 days to complete.


Pro’s: If you’re looking for a dramatic custom color that isn’t a natural wood shade, painting could be right for you. This is a good choice if you want a solid bright color instead of more natural, textured cabinets.

Con’s: Painting cabinets is a very time-consuming undertaking. This isn’t a project th be attempted yourself. A lot of painting companies miss crucial steps in the cabinet painting process, causing the wood to peel, drip, or leaving behind unwanted brush strokes. If painting is the method you choose, it’s best to find a company who offers custom cabinet color finishes.

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Professionals Specializing In Kitchen Cabinet Remodels

Whichever method you choose, refinishing or painting, this isn’t a task you should take on yourself. Professional cabinet refinishing companies can get the job done quickly—and right the first time—with minimal mess and dry times.

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