Have the hardwood floors in your Redding home seen better days? If so, you’ve probably already considered options like floor sanding or refinishing. This wood renewal service provides significant benefits in your home, and is much more affordable and efficient than replacing your floors entirely. 

When it comes to making these big decisions and carrying out a project like floor sanding, N-Hance is here to help. We have decades of experience with wood floor refinishing and have developed a hardwood floor sanding method that’s unlike anything our competitors have to offer. 

Here’s why you should trust N-Hance of Redding, California for the hardwood floors in your home. 

Why Choose N-Hance Floor Sanding And Refinishing?

Our revolutionary hardwood sanding and refinishing process can completely remove dirt, stains, scratches, wear, and variety of other damage that many assume is too extensive to repair. We can also correct and discoloration or fading to restore the tone and vibrancy of your floors, or give you an entirely new wood floor stain. 

Many other hardwood floor refinishing companies in the Redding area will walk away from floors that look too damaged, but N-Hance of Redding is up for the challenge. We’re proud to say we can sand and refinish a variety of different flooring materials. Because our process is more gentle than traditional sanding, our hardwood floor refinishing method is even save for engineered, pre-finished, or parquet floors. Virtually no flooring materials are off-limits for N-Hance. 

Our floor sanding method is also unique because we’re able to cure your floors instantly. You heard right—with N-Hance, your floors will be ready for regular use immediately. No waiting days for your floors to cure like with other hardwood floor refinishers. 

How do we do it, you ask? Our innovative technology harnesses the power of ultraviolet light to instantly cure your floors and leave them with a vibrant, rock-hard, factory-like finish. Plus, our floor sanding process is virtually dust and odor free. 

Floor Sanding In Redding, California 

So what are you waiting for? Fall in love with your floors again with help from N-Hance! Our revolutionary process, plus the hundreds of custom floor stain options we have for you to choose from, are sure to deliver the hardwood floors you’ve dreamt about for your Redding home.  

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