Cabinets can be one of the greatest eyesores or the key focal point in kitchen design. At N-Hance, we’re the experts at refreshing cabinets in an affordable yet impactful way so they can highlight and not hinder the look and feel of your kitchen. 

With kitchen cabinet refinishing in Warren, you can have the modern look you want for, on average, one fifth of the cost compared to installing new custom cabinets. 

Kitchen Remodeling On A Budget 

The fact is, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy an updated, flawless finish in your kitchen. A common misconception is that tearing out your cabinets is necessary, when in fact, it often isn’t. 

After all, if the current layout of your kitchen works for your lifestyle, why tear out your cabinets? Here are a few alternatives N-Hance offers for kitchen cabinet refinishing in Warren

#1 – Cabinet Refinishing

This is the most basic, fast, and affordable option that consists of preserving the existing color of your cabinets and restoring their protective finish. 

#2 – Cabinet Color Change

If you’d like a more drastic change in color, our team can apply a new stain or paint color from our hundreds of custom options. Our process yields a flawless finish with no drips, streaks, brush marks, or bleed through. We’ll also finish the new color with a highly durable finish that won’t chip or peel. 

#3 – Cabinet Door Replacement

If your cabinet doors are worn, damaged, or outdated, we can leave your cabinet boxes in place and just replace your cabinet fronts. This can save you a significant amount of money and give the look of new custom cabinets from the inside out. 

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing In Warren 

The mess, stress, and cost of a full remodel isn’t always necessary to achieve the design you envision for your kitchen. N-Hance can help with affordable alternatives for kitchen cabinet refinishing in Warren

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