You want and deserve a kitchen design that’s completely unique and tailored to you. That’s exactly what N-Hance offers you with cabinet refinishing in Sussex, New Jersey

The truth is, you can stick to timeless colors without being boring. You can also enjoy cabinets that will transition through the years with a custom look that’s current and modern as well. 

It all starts with the color you choose for cabinet refinishing in Sussex, New Jersey. We have hundreds to choose from and can help you make your best selection. 

Here are a few options to think about and get your creativity flowing! 

Natural Wood Cabinets

Your cabinet material may have a stunning natural grain on its own and look beautiful with just a clear finish. We can also match your existing cabinet paint or stain shade perfectly if you’d like to keep the color you already have. 

Cabinet Stain Colors

If you’d like the natural wood grain to show through but want a more dramatic shift in color, we can apply a new stain to your cabinetry. You can choose a stain we have or we can custom blend one for you to perfectly match your design wishlist. 

Cabinet Paint Colors 

We can also custom blend a cabinet paint color for you in a neutral shade or a more bold color. 

Our design team will be there for you to help you on your journey to finding the perfect color and will instantly cure your cabinets with a factory-like finish so they’re durable and strong for the years ahead. 

Cabinet Refinishing In Sussex, New Jersey

When it comes to your kitchen design, color is everything. N-Hance can help you choose the paint or stain color you’ll love for many years to come. 

Schedule your price estimate for cabinet refinishing in Sussex, New Jersey today!