With the changing seasons, you and your loved ones will likely be spending more time indoors—which also means more time to notice chipped, worn, outdated cabinets. 

Now is the perfect time for a refresher with N-Hance of Northwest Jersey’s kitchen cabinet painting in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Here are a few inside tips from our expert team, plus how to execute them in your own home. 

#1: Refinish existing kitchen cabinets. 

Keep in mind that there are many effective, affordable options besides ripping out and replacing old cabinets. In fact, N-Hance of Northwest Jersey provides a solution for every need, goal, and budget. 

Not only is kitchen cabinet painting in Basking Ridge more budget-friendly, it’s also better for the environment. Instead of dumping old cabinets into a landfill, N-Hance reworks them to look like new. We carefully repair any blemishes or damage prior to painting them using a specially formulated acrylic polyurethane blend that resists chipping and peeling. 

And if your cabinets are too worn or outdated for kitchen cabinet painting, we also offer refacing as an excellent option. This method involves replacing the fronts of cabinet doors and drawers while leaving cabinet boxes intact, then painting all of the surfaces to match. This option costs a small fraction compared to a complete renovation.

#2: Choose a unique custom color for your new cabinets. 

N-Hance proudly provides hundreds of custom cabinet paint colors for you to choose from. With N-Hance of Northwest Jersey, you’re sure to find the right shade to help bring your kitchen dreams to life. Whether you want a neutral shade, a bold color, a cabinet stain, or paint, N-Hance of Northwest Jersey has the perfect solution. 

#3: Aim for open space in your kitchen design. 

While traditional kitchen designs feature upper and lower cabinets, don’t be afraid to do something different. A current trend that creates more space is removing upper cabinets and replacing them with open shelving. This looks beautiful from a design element and can also help make a kitchen feel larger. 

#4: Remember the kitchen island. 

Space is critical in a kitchen, especially if you feature any open shelving. A kitchen island is a great way to make up for loss of space and also provides an area for storage, cooking, and seating. 

#5: Feature a clean, simple design.

When it comes to your kitchen design, think less is more. Gravitate toward a minimal, clean look for your cabinets, decor, and furniture. Simplicity can make a powerful statement, eliminate clutter, and create much-needed flow. 

#6: Add functionality to your cabinets. 

It’s important to think of functionality as much as style when it comes to kitchen cabinet painting in Basking Ridge. And there are many ways to get more out of your existing cabinets without spending a lot of money. Examples are roll out shelves, drawer dividers, cabinet pull outs, and concealed garbage bins. 

#7: Choose faster, safer kitchen cabinet painting with N-Hance. 

Most kitchen cabinet painters will need weeks to finish the job. However, N-Hance of Northwest Jersey is able to deliver better results through a safer method in just a matter of days. 

N-Hance Lightspeed® Nano cabinet curing utilizes the power of UV light to instantly cure cabinet surfaces. Your cabinets will be fortified with a rock-hard, factory-like finish that’s as durable as the day your cabinets were made.  

Kitchen Cabinet Painting In Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Bring your cabinets up to date with N-Hance of Northwest Jersey’s kitchen cabinet painting in Basking Ridge, NJ! We’ll transform your cabinets using an industry-leading method and an affordable price. 

Call N-Hance of Northwest Jersey today to get started on your kitchen cabinet painting project!