While it may look simple in DIY videos, kitchen cabinet painting in Basking Ridge, NJ is actually a tricky job. There’s room for a lot of mistakes to be made along the way, which is why it pays to hire a pro!

If you do suffer from a bad do-it-yourself paint job, here are some methods and tips for correcting some mistakes. 

Fix #1: Start Over 

Kitchen cabinet painting in Basking Ridge, NJ can be an unforgiving technique that shows every flaw if it isn’t done right. One of the most common mistakes is skipping steps when prepping cabinets. If your cabinets feature blemishes like pooling in scratches or divots or paint drips and stroke marks, it may be best to start over from the beginning following these best practices. 

Sand Cabinets Before Painting

Go back to the basics and take time sanding your cabinets. This not only makes cabinet surfaces more even but can help the paint better adhere to the surface. 

Repair Damage On Cabinet Surfaces

Don’t paint over gouges, scratches, and other noticeable damage. Instead, sand them down then fill them in using a water-based filler product. 

Take The Time To Clean Your Cabinets

Grease, grime, dust, and wax can keep paint from going on smooth and sticking to your cabinet surfaces. To avoid paint peeling and chipping in the future, apply a paint prep degreaser using a soft rag. 

Prime Cabinets The Right Way

Never skip priming before painting. Don’t use a latex-based primer intended for walls—always use water or oil-based primer instead. 

Use The Right Technique To Apply Paint 

Use a roller or sprayer to avoid unsightly brush strokes. Use brushes only for touch up or hard to reach areas. 

Fix #2: Touch Up Cabinet Painting Mistakes

For cabinets that have just a few spots that need fixing, remove just the door or drawers that need attention and follow the steps above. For more minor blemishes, swipe a small amount of paint over the area then gently blend it.

Fix #3: Avoid These Common Mistakes 

  • Don’t overload the roller with paint—this can cause dripping and prevent the paint from going on evenly. 
  • Take your time. Don’t cut corners, especially when it comes to prep. 
  • Allow enough time for your cabinets to dry before hanging them back up to avoid dings and dents in your paint job. 

Fix #4: Have A Professional Handle Cabinet Painting For You 

There’s a lot that goes into the process, so it definitely pays in terms of time and money to enlist the help of a pro for kitchen cabinet painting in Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Don’t take a chance when it comes to your cabinets. Let our team take care of your project so you can enjoy the results you’re looking for in record time. 

The typical turnaround time for our cabinet painting projects is just 5 days. Avoid DIY mistakes and schedule your FREE estimate today!