The kitchen is arguably the most impactful room in the home, and one of the most common to renovate. And with kitchen cabinet painting in Sparta, New Jersey, you can achieve a stunning new look for less than the cost of a full remodel. 

This space where so many precious memories are made really sets the tone for your home, so it matters to use the best products and methods in its design. Here are some of the most common mistakes we see when it comes to do-it-yourself or even professional kitchen cabinet painting in Sparta, New Jersey, plus how to avoid them.  

Don’t Make These Common Kitchen Cabinet Painting Mistakes 

  • Choosing a color that’s too trendy. Stick with a more versatile, neutral color like natural wood, gray, white, or beige. These transition well through the years and even to potential buyers should you sell your home in the future. And don’t worry—you can still add fun pops of color in less permanent ways! Some fun spots are with bright dishes, hardware, furniture, rugs, wall colors, and window treatments. 
  • Choosing a color that doesn’t compliment the square footage. Keep in mind that dark colors can look moody and beautiful in larger kitchens but make tight kitchens feel smaller. On the flip side, lighter shades can give the illusion of more space and make kitchens feel brighter. 
  • Not planning adequately for time. Kitchen cabinet painting in Sparta, New Jersey can be a significant commitment, especially if doing it yourself. Remember it can take weeks or longer to finish it all. It may be a wise decision to enlist the help of a pro to do it for you—ensuring it can be completed faster and to the highest quality. 
  • Not prepping the wood property. It matters to clean and prep cabinets thoroughly before painting. This helps ensure the color and finish go on smoothly and will last for the years ahead. 
  • Using the wrong paint and primer. Many painters use latex paint designed for walls on cabinets. It’s important to use an acrylic-polyurethane blend that’s more durable. 

Kitchen Cabinet Painting In Sparta, New Jersey

Your time is valuable, and so are the end results for your cabinet painting project. So leave it in the hands of the pro’s! 

N-Hance is sure to deliver the highest quality kitchen cabinet painting in Sparta, New Jersey in record time and with a flawless finish. 

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