If you see designs topping the charts but wonder how they could be a reality in your own home, N-Hance Wood Refinishing of Northwest Jersey can help. In fact, we specialize in cabinet refinishing in Warren that delivers top-quality results for a price tag that can fit comfortably within virtually any budget. 

We’re proud to help customers throughout Warren save thousands of dollars on their kitchen remodels by reworking rather than replacing existing cabinets. 

Here are just a few cabinet color trends this year that are within reach with cabinet painting companies in Warren

Top Cabinet Colors In 2021 

If you’re drawn to neutral whites and greys for your cabinets, you’re not alone. These classic colors pair well with a variety of decor, which is why they’ve continually been at the top of design wishlists for decades. 

The good news is, there are subtle yet impactful ways to put your own spin on these tried and true colors so your kitchen can still look unique and fresh. 

Here are a few recommendations for ways to change up traditional neutrals in your kitchen: 


Add green or dusty blue undertones to grey cabinets for a unique look. “Greige” or a combination of beige and grey is also one of the most popular cabinet colors this year. 

Jewel Tones

Did you know that most jewel tones are actually considered neutrals? Add a pop of color with a shade like forest green. 

Natural Wood Cabinets

Organic, natural wood cabinets have remained popular for decades, and this year is no different. Try deep bronze or coffee tones for your wood stain. 

Cabinet Painting Companies In Warren

N-Hance Wood Refinishing of Northwest Jersey specializes in making kitchen remodels simple, stress-free, and affordable. We look forward to bringing you the kitchen of your dreams in 2021 with a budget you can rest easy with. 

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