If a kitchen transformation is on your horizon, one of the most important design decisions you’ll make is the color for your cabinets. As the trusted cabinet painters in Sparta, New Jersey, it’s our job and our passion to help people make the best selections! 

Our services deliver all the benefits of a full kitchen renovation but in a faster, more affordable way. In fact, reworking existing cabinets could be one of the smartest tools in your toolbelt. 

Let’s explore some color possibilities and start envisioning your project! Here are the top kitchen cabinet colors for 2024 to help with some inspiration for your design.

This Year’s Most Loved Cabinet Colors

  • While light colored cabinets have always been a favorite and this year is no different, stark white cabinets have dropped to the backburner this year. Instead, designs are gravitating more towards soft off-whites with warm undertones.
  • Other calming neutrals are still a top favorite in the kitchen—like light grays and beiges.. 
  • With that said, don’t shy away from color! Bold, vibrant jewel tones top the charts this year—think purples, deep blues, and emerald greens. 
  • Dark shades also create a moody, sophisticated look and are especially striking in kitchens with plenty of natural light. 
  • Natural wood is one of the most popular selections for kitchen designs in 2024. Neutral or cool stains are at the top of the list. 
  • For a pop of color, earthy, organic tones are also in high demand. Some favorites are mustard yellow, rustic red, and sage green. 
  • Retro colors are also highly popular this year—like powder blues, oranges, greens, and golds. 

Cabinet Painters In Sparta, New Jersey

There are numerous possibilities to choose from for your cabinet color, and our team of cabinet painters in Sparta, New Jersey is here to help make it a reality with your existing cabinets. 

We look forward to helping you with your project in 2024! 

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