The value of updating your cabinet color is clear. If you don’t believe us, just watch HGTV! The number of house flipping shows and homeowners seeking after a fresh, new kitchen are substantial and growing. 

Some homeowners and designers invest top dollar in extravagant kitchen renovations, but this doesn’t have to be in the case to make your kitchen look brand new. In fact, cabinet painting, although an affordable upgrade, can make a significant difference in the look and feel of your home. 

So are all cabinet painters created equal? The simple answer is no, and it’s important to remember that the method you choose matters. Here’s what makes N-Hance stand out among all other cabinet painters in the Sussex area

What Makes N-Hance Cabinet Painting Better Than The Rest

N-Hance has developed a revolutionary cabinet painting method that provides significant benefits for homeowners and investors throughout the Northwest Jersey community. 

First and foremost, regular cabinets painters often use latex primer and paint intended for walls, not cabinets. This may seem inconsequential, but can actually lead to some pretty significant cabinet issues. This type of paint doesn’t always go on smooth and simply isn’t durable enough for the regular wear and use that occurs in the average kitchen. 

Not only does N-Hance have hundreds of custom cabinet paint colors to choose from, but we use a specially formulate acrylic-polyurethane blend that is highly durable. In fact, N-Hance painted cabinets resist scratching, chipping, peeling, and even the growth of harmful bacteria. 

The durability of cabinets painted with N-Hance is also greatly attributed to our revolutionary Lightspeed Instant Cure method. We’ve harnessed the power of UV light to instantly cure your cabinets after painting—leaving them with a rock hard, factory-like finish. No other cabinet painter in the area uses a method like ours. 

Lightspeed literally cures your cabinets instantly—meaning they’ll be ready for regular use immediately. No waiting days on end for your cabinets to cure and dry like with our competitors. 

The N-Hance cabinet painting process also leaves behind no dust, mess, or odor and our finishes emit low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). That’s a fancy way of saying our process is significantly safer for your family, pets, and the Northwest Jersey community.

Cabinet Painters In Sussex, New Jersey

When selecting a cabinet painter in Sussex, there’s clearly no comparison to N-Hance of Northwest Jersey. We look forward to putting our expertise to work in your home! 

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