The finishing touches can really make or break a kitchen design. It matters to make thoughtful choices, and having the right professionals on your side can help! 

At N-Hance, cabinet finishes are our specialty. We can help breathe new life into even the most outdated cabinets with services like cabinet refinishing in Bridgewater. Our job is to work with your existing cabinets to create a fresh design that will not only exceed your expectations, but pleasantly surprise you in terms of budget, too. 

In addition to cabinets, there are of course some other finish ideas to consider. The following are some unique takes on kitchen finishes to pair with your cabinets.  

Create A One-Of-A-Kind Kitchen With These Finishes 

  • Wood. With wood finishes, think beyond cabinets and flooring. For example, consider a rustic wood backsplash or accent wall, or a butcher block countertop or island. 
  • Concrete. This is an organic material that looks stunning on floors, bar tops, countertops, and more. 
  • Brick. Consider brick as a unique yet classic material for a backsplash or accent wall. 
  • Bronze and copper. The warmth of these finishes look beautiful for range hoods, light fixtures, hardware, plumbing fixtures, and more. 
  • Metals, including stainless steel. Don’t be afraid to mix different metals for cabinet hardware, appliances, and even backsplashes or kitchen island coverings. 
  • Chalkboard. These can be installed on the outer side panel of a cabinet or appliance as a feature to write messages, schedules, or lists for your family. 
  • Terra cotta. This classic material makes a statement for backsplashes, dishes, accent decor, floors, light fixtures, and more. 
  • Wallpaper. This is a bold, unique way to add color, texture, and pattern to backsplashes or accent walls.

Cabinet Refinishing In Bridgewater

N-Hance is your trusted partner when it comes to caring for your cabinets. We can boost your kitchen design by transforming your cabinet finish with cabinet refinishing in Bridgewater

We look forward to working together and bringing your kitchen into the year 2024! 

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