The two-tone cabinet color trend is a popular one among cabinet painters in Somerset, New Jersey. If you’re thinking about implementing this design in your own kitchen, there are a few tips you should know. 

Since the kitchen is often the most used room in the home, it’s no surprise that designers and homeowners alike are always looking for fresh design ideas to make these spaces beautiful. Here’s why you may want to consider two-tone colors, plus tips for making this cabinet refinishing trend work in your Somerset, New Jersey home.  

Identify A Focal Point

Start by selecting a specific set of cabinets to be the focal point in your space. This spot will be the best place to add a fun splash of color that adds contrast and draws the eye to that specific area. Common choices that pull off the two-tone look well are breakfast nooks, kitchen islands, built-in desk areas, and coffee bars. 

When you choose the color, gravitate toward a shade that is eye-catching and adds contrast. Don’t be afraid to go bold here, like with a jewel tone or darker color. 

Think Outside The Box Of Paint

Remember, the two-tone cabinet trend can be about more than just paint colors. You can also add a second cabinet element in terms of cabinet materials. 

For example, try using laminate, aluminum, or glass on your lower cabinets with traditional wood cabinets on top. This can create a look that’s interesting in terms of texture and light reflection rather than just color. 

Apply The Darker Color To Lower Cabinets 

A darker color on bottom cabinets acts as an anchor for the space. By using the darker shade on bottom and a lighter color on top, your space can feel larger and more grounded as the lighter colors draw the eye upward. 

Also, keep in mind that the two colors you choose don’t have to be drastically different. Subtle variations in color—like white or cream upper cabinets with light grey lowers, for example—can make a profound difference without going too bold.

Choose Coordinating Elements

Since your cabinets may be multiple colors, choose at least one element to coordinate them together. Examples could be choosing colors that are different but from the same color palette or using the same hardware for all of your cabinets to tie the space together. 

Cabinet Painters In Somerset, New Jersey

It’s exciting to consider where cabinet design trends are headed and the possibilities this brings for your Somerset, New Jersey home. The two-tone cabinet color trend is a unique yet classic way to bring your personal taste to life in a kitchen design you’ll love for years to come. 

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