While some kitchen renovations are extravagant and expensive, this doesn’t always have to be the case to achieve impactful results. 

With kitchen cabinet painting in Basking Ridge, you can enjoy the kitchen transformation you envision for less! 

There are many professionals who offer kitchen cabinet painting in Basking Ridge, so how can you choose the best fit for your project? Not all are created equal, and it’s important to evaluate your options. 

Here’s what makes N-Hance kitchen cabinet painting in Basking Ridge stand out from the rest. 

The N-Hance Difference For Cabinet Painting

Our revolutionary approach to kitchen cabinet painting in Basking Ridge is a more effective process that yields outstanding results. 

To start, it’s important to consider the products used in the process. Most cabinet painters often used latex paint and primer intended for use on walls, not cabinets. Down the road, this can lead to a less than flawless finish. Latex products also aren’t durable enough for the wear and tear cabinets face in the average kitchen. 

We proudly offer hundreds of custom paint colors to choose from in a specially formulated acrylic-polyurethane blend. Our cabinet paint colors also resist chipping, peeling, and scratching and are made to last for the years ahead. 

We’ve also harnessed the power of UV light to cure your cabinets instantly. This leaves them with a rock-hard, factory-like finish that’s just as beautiful as it is durable. 

One of the best parts of N-Hance Lightspeed is you won’t have to wait days for your cabinets to cure like with our competitors. Our process is also dust, mess, and odor free and emits low volatile organic compounds (VOCs)—meaning it’s environmentally conscious and safer for families and pets. 

Kitchen Cabinet Painting In Basking Ridge 

Out of the many providers to choose from, N-Hance is beyond the rest for kitchen cabinet painting in Basking Ridge. We look forward to serving you!  

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