Various light shades are extremely popular when it comes to kitchen cabinets. In fact, you’ve probably noticed this every time you scroll through social media or flip through a design magazine. But have you ever stopped to consider why? 

As the industry leader for cabinet refinishing in Warren, it’s our job to know not only what the top choices are when it comes to kitchen cabinet design, but how to make them a reality within a reasonable budget for our customers. 

There are many reasons why lighter shades are not only popular, but functional and smart as well when it comes to cabinet color. 

Here are a few reasons to consider a light palette when it comes to cabinet refinishing in Warren

Benefits Of Lighter Kitchen Cabinets 

  1. When working with a smaller kitchen, light cabinets are a great tool. They give the illusion of more space and can make even the most cramped kitchens feel larger and more spacious. 
  1. Does your kitchen lack natural light? Selecting a lighter shade for cabinets is also an excellent way to brighten up the room. 
  1. Lighter cabinets can make stains and smudges more visible, which also acts as a reminder to wipe down cabinet surfaces more often. In many cases, lighter cabinets can help promote a cleaner kitchen. 
  1. There’s also a lot of value in choosing a cabinet color that’s versatile and pairs well with a variety of other finishes, accents, and decor pieces. Think of light cabinets like a blank canvas that’s anything but boring! Your kitchen can be easily customized using pops of color through things like rugs, bar stools, window treatments, backsplashes, and more that pair beautifully with light cabinets. 
  1. When you select a light cabinet shade, you’re choosing a style that’s been popular for decades. Light cabinets are a timeless choice and a wise investment in that they’re sure to transition well through the years and appeal to a variety of potential buyers. 

Cabinet Refinishing In Warren 

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