N-Hance offers a simple and straightforward process for cabinet refacing. After we sit down with you for a free consultation, the following will occur:

Step #1: Prep Work 

We’ll schedule a time to come to your home and begin preparing the site for your new doors once you’ve made your selections. We’ll use masking and drapes to keep your home safe from any potential stains or damage. All we need from you is that you empty out your cabinets and show us where the kitchen is. We can take it from there!

Step #2: Cleaning

Our team will take off your cabinet doors and drawer fronts so we can deep clean the boxes with a specially formulated solution. This way, all of the dirt and grime is removed, leaving us with a fresh surface to paint. Plus, primer and paint will adhere better to your cabinets without peeling or chipping.

Step #3: Repairs

We’ll touch up any small damages on the cabinet boxes and prime them to keep the old color from showing through. This will give you an even, superior look in the end.

Step #4: Painting 

Off-site, we’ll take care of painting or staining your new doors and drawer fronts using our own acrylic polyurethane blend. Our product is better than a basic latex paint because it’s designed to specifically withstand the wear and tear cabinets experience.

Step #5: Curing

After we’re finished, we’ll apply a clear topcoat and cure the doors and drawer fronts with our Lightspeed UV light system. Not only will they fully cure in seconds, but this process guarantees a rock-hard finish that can withstand scratches, peeling, and chips. The finish will last for an extended period of time  and your cabinets will maintain their beauty for years to come.

Step #6: Cabinet Boxes

We’ll use the same paint or stain color on your cabinet boxes, trusting our color match system to guarantee we’re getting the precise hue. Similarly, we’ll cure them with our Lightspeed® Nano system to make sure they have the same level of durability as your doors and drawer fronts.

Step #7: Installation

N-Hance will then provide the finishing touches to your cabinets by adding the doors, drawer fronts, and upgrades such as soft close hinges and pull-out cabinets. With N-Hance, you can even choose to add special details like crown molding to your upper cabinets.

Schedule a FREE design consultation with N-Hance of Tacoma at (253) 333-4045 to get professional cabinet refacing from our experienced team.