Things To Know

Terms and Conditions

Refinish with N-Hance.

  • N-Hance Wood Refinishing revives the life and luster of wood cabinets and hardwood floors every day. As the #1 cabinet refinishing company in the U.S. our services include cabinet staining, custom cabinet painting, cabinet door replacement, hardware retrofitting, and wood floor refinishing.
  • Our proprietary process and products bring back the beauty and durability of your used wood surfaces and though we strive for the best possible results, perfection is unattainable. Every job is unique and poses different challenges. Explore this service authorization form for further details. We will walk you through most potential situations but we are unable to anticipate everything.
  • By using N-Hance Refinishing, you acknowledge, understand, and agree to the following terms and conditions. Any alteration to this disclaimer must be put in the written contract and approved by both parties prior to work starting.

Preparing For Our Arrival

  • At the start of your project someone needs to be onsite to walk our technicians through and confirm the scope of work. Work areas need to be clear of furniture or personal items to allow room for the work to be performed. Kids and pets will need to be clear of any work area and the technicians need access to running water, power, and restrooms.
  • The customer should remove anything that is taped to or attached to the inside of the cabinet doors. The countertops and areas around the cabinets should be cleared to give room for the refinishing process. If the drawer faces are not removable, please empty your drawers.
  • Appliance removal is not necessary but if desired it is the customer’s responsibility. If the refrigerator is not moved at the project date, N-Hance will mask around it. If N-Hance is required to move a refrigerator we hold no responsibility for damage made to flooring or water lines due to the relocation.

What To Expect

  • Estimators will provide a projected timetable for your project. The time it takes to refinish wood surfaces varies by wood type and process. The refinishing may need more time than estimated or be completed sooner than anticipated.
  • Wood is an imperfect surface. We will do our best to provide you with an accurate idea of how well these areas will come out based on past refinishing projects, but we can’t know for sure until we start work. Some minor imperfections in the finish (small dust spots etc..) are within quality tolerances.
  • Verbal promises cannot be known or honored by our renewal technicians. All work areas and services must be included in our written work-orders to be honored.
  • All surface coatings can chip or scratch, but unlike soft paints or brittle varnishes, shellacs, or enamels, N-Hance proprietary finishes are designed to provide a durable and protected wood surface.
  • Some pre-existing scratches, gouges, dings, cracks, watermarks, runs, streaks, drips, sun fading, construction gaps or seams, and other wood surface blemishes may still show despite our best efforts to fix or camouflage these areas.
  • Waxes, gel stains, or aftermarket coatings are considered wood damage and may cause issues with our products bonding or bleeding through the color. Additional charges may apply in these circumstances.
  • Our products are designed and tested for wood surfaces. We cannot guarantee they will properly bond to fiberglass, melamine, contact paper, or plastics.
  • Professional taping products and techniques are used to mask and protect the work area. N-Hance will not be held liable if masking materials remove paint, wallpaper, Floor finish, or laminate coatings. If touch up paint is available, we will gladly touch-up the impacted areas at no charge. We will repair any finish bleeding under the tape to the best of our ability.
  • Lightspeed is an industry-leading wood finish and despite its superior durability, it cannot protect wood services from all scratches dings, or damage.

Cabinet Refinishing

  • We finish both sides of the doors, face frames, the lip just inside the cabinets, the underside of cabinets, end caps, and any kickboards or crown molding. Inside the cabinet boxes are not included without extra charge.
  • Any wood filler used has a chance of popping out of filled areas especially on edges and corners of wood surfaces.
  • If you or other contractors are adding new cabinetry or trim work, it needs to be “paint/finish ready”. Nail holes, seams, and gaps should be filled and sanded smooth. If the surfaces are raw wood at the start of the project, there will be additional charges to prepare the wood for our process. N-Hance Wood Refinishing will not be held responsible for any imperfections in the carpentry work installed by another provider.
  • Stained wood cabinets are not built to paint grade standards. Minor imperfections may show after the color change process. Gaps in seams can be filled but it is not recommended to caulk the seam between the center panel and rails of the door. It will crack due to expansion and retraction over time.
  • Dry sanding may be required and will produce a very low dust level. We cannot guarantee a dust free environment.
  • The N-Hance process does not strip or sand deep into the wood to repair spots on cabinets. This can cause a divot or shallow point in the wood that we will be unable to fill. Deeper wood damage will still show but should be improved.
  • A Classic Renewal takes place with the doors and drawers remaining in place. If you request doors taken down for any reason, this can incur an additional charge.
  • It is important to understand that distressing and glazing are not uniform applications, and no single piece can be exactly duplicated. Glazed finishes will have some variation in glazing residue and is normal. The overall look of your completed cabinetry may vary slightly from that of a single door sample.
  • Damage caused by pull-out shelves scraping the back of cabinet doors will be colored to the desired color but will not be filled. The filler will scrape out again if the door is not fully opened when using the pull-out shelf.


  • Despite our best efforts mistakes in gathering parts happen. Retrofitting cabinets is an art, not a science. Doors may not open the same, hidden hardware may be seen due to door style changes, cabinet space may be impacted due to the hinge size and spacing. Some creative liberty may be taken to make everything functional.
  • When ordering new parts be aware that manufacturing tolerances may not be exact. We are retrofitting new hardware and part to existing cabinet boxes. We will match and install everything to the highest quality possible but due to the condition of original cabinets and installing a new part, color matching, functionality and sizes may vary.
  • Cabinets and walls are rarely level or square. When installing trim, endcaps or fascia N-Hance will do what we can to minimize flaws, but there may be minor gaps and inconsistencies that N-Hance is unable to avoid.

Hardware Installation

  • When retrofitting and adding hardware to existing cabinetry delays can happen. Parts can have shipping delays, come in damaged or wrong size. This will delay the expected job finish time. If part of the project is delayed payment for completed portions of the invoice is expected as they are completed.
  • Handles can be changed out with the same size however filling and redrilling holes for new handles will incur a charge. N-hance will not drill handle holes without the new hardware present. N-Hance does not provide handles and knobs.
  • N-Hance will provide hinges and drawer rails to ensure the correct type is installed. it is the customer’s responsibility to provide any handles at the start of the job for project N-Hance technicians to install for an additional charge.
  • Retrofitting new hardware onto preexisting cabinets can pose challenges. Issues can arise, be patient as we find the best solution to the problems we are addressing.
  • Occasionally glass door panels break in the removal process. If breakage occurs, we will replace the glass but may not be able to find an exact match. If your glass is a custom glass, we may opt to leave it in place resulting in any wood surface behind the glass remaining unfinished.
  • We can remove the center panel for doors and install glass panels if desired, however, this process is done by hand and may introduce some imperfections.

Color Authorization

Color selection errors can ruin any project. We want you to love the colors you choose.

  • Color Matching requires your involvement and approval for your project. We will only use a color that you have approved. We will not be responsible for color match reworking once the project matches the approved color. Our products are formulated using our N-Hance finish and colorant system. Custom colors from a different paint supplier cannot be guaranteed to produce an exact match.
  • Any color selected from a digital screen will not be represented with complete accuracy. Once you confirm your color, we are not responsible for color matching anything except the color chip or physical sample of your choice.
  • All color decks and swatches are represented in a flat sheen. The sheen may also slightly alter the color. This is due in part to the way the light reflects off the surface of the finished product.
  • Natural color variations are found in all wood products. These variations can impact how your wood surfaces accept transparent or translucent colors and look after work is completed. Some variations caused by finish application techniques, prior damage that was hidden by dirt or debris, water damage, or sun fading damage may still show after the refinishing process. Halos, pixels, or minor streaks may be present in color applications. Translucent finishes will not hide all imperfections or prior wood damage. N-Hance will do its best to minimize these variations, but the customer understands and agrees to accept these variations.
  • Installation of new wood adjacent to current wood may not match in color. For best results, the same wood spices and grade need to be installed. 
  • Any color will look different under varying lighting conditions. The color depth and tone of the wood surface will look different at different angles and under changing light conditions such as direct sunlight versus standard room light or shadows.
  • Lower cabinets colors will tend to look darker than upper cabinets due to these shadows. However, each area is matched to our approved color.
  • N-Hance can not guarantee the removal of all blemishes, drips, roller texture, or brush marks from previously painted wood surfaces.


  • Payment is due upon completion of work. A deposit or full payment may be required for some jobs prior to the job start date. Deposits are taken to get physical items for the work being done. Deposits are non-refundable, but items purchased with them are yours. If the work is canceled prior to job start items purchased with the deposit can be given to the customer.
  • N-Hance requires at least 3 business days notice for cancelation or rescheduling. If the job is canceled within the 3 day period N-Hance reserves the right to charge a fee of up to 20% of the job work order amount.
  • Failure to pay may result in property liens, collections or litigation. If disputes can not be resolved between the customer and N-Hance representatives mediation is required prior to litigation.


Your satisfaction is our top priority. To the extent permissible under applicable law, N-Hance Wood Refinishing warranty extends to the N-Hance products and service for two (2) years from the date of the original service. During the warranty period, N-Hance Wood Refinishing will correct any defects in the N-Hance service due to product failure such as flaking, peeling or product discoloration. To qualify for warranty coverage, the customer must have the original paid in full receipt of purchase and permit N-Hance Wood Refinishing or its agent access to the residence to perform the work. Any repair under this warranty coverage will be coordinated by N-Hance Wood Refinishing and will be limited to the affected area only. This warranty is not transferable and does not cover damage caused by Acts of God, installation, or repairs made by persons other than N-Hance Wood Refinishing or its agents, excessive moisture, pet damages, structural alterations, abuse, or misuse.