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The Power Of Lightspeed® Curing

At N-Hance®, we pride ourselves on our innovation and advanced technology. Our revolutionary Lightspeed® UV system, for instance, cures your cabinets in the blink of an eye after refinishing them. Here’s what you need to know about this amazing innovation and why it will provide striking results when refinishing your cabinetry! What is Lightspeed? Have […]

Why You Shouldn’t Use Cabinet Veneers

Are you searching for a budget-friendly way to upgrade and refresh your kitchen cabinets? Cabinet refacing is an affordable option that can help give your space a brand-new look. However, it’s essential when selecting a contractor that they don’t utilize veneers – here’s why! What are Veneers? Let’s begin by understanding what veneers are. They […]

The 6 Most Reliable Colors To Paint Your Kitchen

Refresh your kitchen with the addition of an inviting atmosphere created by freshly painted cabinets. Make sure to select a color that pleases you in terms of hue and tone when considering both form and function. For those looking for bold shades or tranquil tones, we have compiled some classic options that will truly make […]

How to Update Your Bathroom On A Budget

If you’ve been looking for an affordable way to make your bathroom feel new again, look no further. N-Hance offers cabinet refinishing, painting, and even refacing to ensure you get the look you want from your remodel without breaking the bank.  Bathroom vanities are some of the most abused places in the home. Toothpaste residue, […]

Why N-Hance of Tacoma Are The Best Cabinet Painters Near You

When searching for local cabinet painters, the results can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to understand which one is right and who you should trust with your cabinets. Fortunately, N-Hance of Tacoma stands apart from others due to its impressive advantages: Advantage #1: We Prep More Thoroughly Grease, grime, and dirt can accumulate on kitchen cabinets, […]

How N-Hance of Tacoma Does Cabinet Refacing

N-Hance offers a simple and straightforward process for cabinet refacing. After we sit down with you for a free consultation, the following will occur: Step #1: Prep Work  We’ll schedule a time to come to your home and begin preparing the site for your new doors once you’ve made your selections. We’ll use masking and […]

How N-Hance Can Keep Cabinets Clean

Having a hard time cleaning and removing years of grease and grime from your kitchen cabinets?  Does it feel like an uphill battle that will never end?  After you wipe down doors are they still sticky?  Did you know if you scrub too hard or for too long the damage you may cause could be […]

Brighten a Small Space with Lighter Cabinets

Did you know when N-Hance refinishes your kitchen in white or light solid colors, your kitchen will become larger than life?  It’s true.  Light tones in small spaces make even tiny kitchens look bigger.  And with N-Hance, wood surfaces have never been easier to clean as well. Who doesn’t want to have their cake and […]

The Affordable Cabinet Remodel

While a complete kitchen renovation can be a pricy investment, it doesn’t have to break the bank to drastically change your kitchen. With we can update your kitchen with less budget. Plus, the results are built to last so your investment will give back for years to come.  Average Kitchen Renovation Cost To update your […]

Cabinet Painting | Brush-Method vs. Our Process

With costs rising, it’s only natural to consider cheaper options. If your cabinets aren’t looking the way you want, there are a few options you can consider to create a change. You can replace your cabinets which is a perfect option if you are not satisfied with the configuration of your cabinets, but can be […]

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