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Tips For Creating a French-Style Kitchen

Dreaming of a touch of France in your kitchen? Whether you envision a rustic farmhouse or a chic Parisian haven, we can help! At N-Hance of Tacoma, we specialize in bringing French flair to your kitchen with affordable cabinet repainting. Our services will leave your cabinets looking effortlessly stylish, all while keeping your budget in […]

Don’t DIY Disaster: Hire the Right Cabinet Painter

Cabinet painting offers a budget-friendly way to refresh your kitchen without replacing the cabinets entirely. But beware – not all paint jobs are created equal! Here in Tacoma, we’ve seen countless homeowners disappointed with DIY cabinet painting attempts or the work of so-called “professionals.” Investing time, money, and effort into cabinet painting deserves a beautiful [&h...

The Power of N-Hance Cabinet Restoration

Over those tired, outdated cabinets? Longing for a kitchen refresh but worried about breaking the bank? At N-Hance of Tacoma, we hear you! That’s why our cabinet restoration services in Tacoma offer a budget-friendly alternative to a full-blown renovation. Instead of costly replacements, we transform your existing hardwood cabinets, giving them a lease on life […]

6 Reasons Why You Need Smart Cabinet Storage

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place where culinary creations come alive and memories are made. But an unorganized kitchen can quickly become a source of frustration, hindering your culinary flow and joy. The good news? Simple and affordable cabinet storage solutions can be your secret weapon, transforming your kitchen from chaotic […]

Do Kitchen Cabinets Require A Certain Type Of Paint?

So you’re ready to paint your Tacoma cabinets, and their color is obviously the star of the show, right? Well, hold on, paintbrush – choosing the right stuff goes way deeper than just picking a pretty shade. Between oil, latex, and acrylic – it’s a jungle out there and you’ve got to make the best […]

Is Cabinet Refacing Cheaper Than Replacement?

Soaring material costs and endless remodels got you feeling stuck? Here’s a breath of fresh air: cabinet refacing with N-Hance of Tacoma! Ditch the demolition drama and skyrocketing price tags. We’ll give your kitchen a stunning makeover in days, not weeks, and save you thousands compared to replacement. Time & Money? Refacing Wins Every Round […]

How Much Does Cabinet Refinishing Cost?

Cabinet refinishing is the process of restoring cabinets to their original beauty and function. It can involve cleaning, sanding, repairing, and painting or staining the cabinets. Cabinet refinishing is a more affordable option than replacing cabinets, and it can give your kitchen a fresh new look without having to go through a major renovation. How […]

N-Hance Cabinet Refacing – How Does It Work?

Are you considering a revamp for your cabinets? Look no further than N-Hance® of Tacoma! Our skilled artisans use top-tier materials and an innovative approach to breathe new life into your worn-out, dated cabinets. With our refacing services, you can entirely alter the style and color of your cabinets without spending a fortune on total […]

8 Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2023

Are you considering a kitchen makeover by painting your cabinets and wonder what the trending colors are for 2023? The right color can transform not just the aesthetics of your room, but also its ambiance and energy. Whether you’re seeking calming shades or bold, vibrant hues, your color choice can significantly impact your kitchen’s overall […]

Rustic Kitchens: How to Add a Touch of Charm

Rustic style is all the rage right now, and for good reason! It’s a warm and inviting style that can make your kitchen feel like a cozy home. If you’re looking to add a touch of rustic charm to your kitchen, repainting your cabinets is a great way to do it. Here are a few […]

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